2011 PAHF Pan American Challenge (Men)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Deodoro Hockey Complex

Brazil v Paraguay


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
31 July 2011
M1 Round-Robin 2:45pm Brazil BRA - PAR Paraguay 6 - 0 (3 - 0) Final      

Match Report

The last game of the first day of the 2011 Pan American Challenge was a Men’s match between home-favorite Brazil and Paraguay. Both teams started the match with intensity and it kept that way throughout much of the half. Brazil scored first off a penalty corner in the 16th minute by Thiago DA VEIGA PACHECO. Soon after, Brazil scored another penalty corner goal this time by Bruno SOUSA. Both teams continued to battle for possession. Paraguay also went on attack and earned a few penalty corners. However, Brazil’s keeper Daniel TATARA came up with two big stick saves to prevent Paraguay from scoring off their penalty corners. Brazil went up 3-0 over Paraguay as the first half ended.


During the second half, Brazil maintained their attacking pressure. Brazil’s DA VEIGA PACHECO scored another goal in the 44th minute to give his team a four goal lead over Paraguay. Four minutes later, Brazil’s Patrick VAN DER HEIJDEN made the score 5-0. Brazil scored again off a field goal by Augusto DE PAULA FELIPE in the 56th minute. Nonetheless, Paraguay kept fighting and prevented Brazil from getting more shots off. Paraguay, however, could not manage to score and Brazil came away with a big 6-0 win.



Brazil’s Coach Claudio ROCHA

On the match…

It was a good match. This was the first International Match for a lot of new National Team Members. We started out with a lot of mistakes, then improved our game. We had a lot of corners that led to goals. Goals off corners [from the opposing team] used to be a big difference for us [between Brazil and opposing teams]. I think we played very well as a team and not as individuals—this has been something we have been trying to improve. This is the first step in preparation for the 2016 Olympics—of course we want to qualify for the 2013 Pan American Cup, but this is the first steps to our Olympic dream.

Brazil’s Captain Luciano CAMINHA JUNIOR

On the match…

We did a good job. We can get better. There were many positive moments. We all contributed a lot. Daniel [Brazil’s keeper] played very well and had three very big saves.

On a big 6-0 win at home…

It is awesome. Step by step we are getting our game and improving a little each time and it was shown on the score.


Paraguay’s Captain José SILVA ROJAS

On the match…

Brazil has grown a lot in their play and their hockey. We thought that Brazil was running very much. We could do better maybe, but I thought we did well considering we are only 14 players and we do not have a Coach.

Paraguay’s Julio RUSSO PEDRO

On the difference between the first and second halves….

In the first ten minutes we played well, but then Brazil got their first goal after that. As the game progressed it got more and more physical towards the end of the first half. In the second half, it was harder for us to attack and we kept having to get more and more on defense. And we did not have good opportunities to convert (score) goals.

URU v BRA (Round-Robin)