2011 PAHF Pan American Challenge (Men)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Deodoro Hockey Complex

Brazil v Uruguay


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
7 August 2011
M6 Round-Robin 10:00am Brazil BRA - URU Uruguay 1 - 3 (0 - 1) Final    

Match Report

The last match for the 2011 Pan Am Challenge for the Men was between Brazil and Uruguay. Play started just as expected for two teams who tied nill-nill earlier in the tournament—it was a fierce battle for possession and attacking opportunities. Midway through the first half, Brazil earned the first penalty corners of the match. Uruguay’s defense, however, held strong and kept Brazil off the scoreboard.

During the latter half of the first half, Brazil seemed to control the match a bit and keep play in their attacking half. Uruguay prevented Brazil from really developing attacking opportunities. In the 26th minute, Uruguay got the ball and went on a fast counter-attack. Uruguay took full advantage of this attacking opportunity and Sebastian CASTILLO scored to make the score 1-0 in favor of Uruguay.

For the rest of the first half, play continued to be very intense between the two teams. And play continued to be mostly in Brazil’s attacking half. Uruguay had no penalty corners in the first half. While Brazil could not generate many attacking opportunities and a penalty corner in the 33rd minute went wide. Thus, the scored remained Brazil nill and Uruguay 1 at halftime.

The second half of the match started like the first ended, with Brazil having the majority of possession, but Uruguay doing a good job of keeping Brazil from taking sound shots. Brazil also earned the first penalty corner of the 2nd half, but it was saved by Uruguay’s keeper Mariano MALLO. Yet again Uruguay took advantage of a rare attacking opportunity and took a two goal lead over Brazil in the 47th minute off a Ignacio COSTAS field goal. Soon after, however, Brazil’s Matheus BORGES FERREIRA scored off a penalty to come within one goal of Uruguay.

With about 15 minutes left in the match, Uruguay received their first penalty corner of the match, but Brazil’s defense prevented a shot from being taken. Brazil continued to have the majority of possession, but Uruguay continued to take advantage of their counter attack. In the 69th minute, Uruguay’s Juan Manuel CANESSA made the score 3-1 over Brazil off a penalty corner. The score remained 3-1 in favor of Uruguay and solidified Uruguay’s top finish in the Men’s side of the 2011 Pan Am Challenge.




Uruguay’s Coach Marcelo  REINERI

On the match…

It was a really hard match. Brazil worked well behind the ball. It was great game and I thought we played as a team. To prepare, we watched Brazil’s other matches here and lots of videos to look for and find a solution to their play. We were very focused and tried to calm our anxiety and I thought we played a great game because of that. We had patience, were calm, had order, and discipline that was fundamental to the match. We played together as a team and it was a very special match. A classic match. I am very proud of all my players and appreciate very much how much they accept my ideas, especially with such short preparation time.

Uruguay’s Sebastian CASTILLO

On the match…

It was spectacular. We played well throughout the whole match as well as together. I do not think we could have done anything more. We became an increasingly strong team throughout the match.

On his goal [that gave Uruguay the 1-0 lead over Brazil in the first half]…

It was a goal from my soul; like it was for the rest of the team as well.

On his tournament experience…

It has been very special because it has been lots of hard work, especially sacrifice—as I am recently married I have had to sacrifice many things, like my family who could not be here today.


Brazil’s Coach Claudio ROCHA

On the match…

I thought the first half of the first half we were not very focused and then we increased our ball possession. But Uruguay took the 1-0 lead off a mistake of ours. We had lots of possession in the midfield, but had trouble generating attacking opportunities in the first half. In the 2nd half, I thought we increased our game speed and pressure, but we could not score. Uruguay used their counter attack well. Uruguay had fewer opportunities, but was more efficient. That’s it—sport. I thought we played better than Uruguay, but they scored more to win the match.

On his teams tournament experience…

This was my first competition as the Coach for the Brazilian National Team. For me it was great because in three weeks of lots of practicing here I could see that the team developed a lot—skills and friendship. We progressed throughout the tournament. But I thought this last game we could have played better. However, we played the best we could have given that we were nervous before the match and we have young players who felt the pressure. This is why we need more games, to play more and get more familiar with a high pressure environment. Of course we wanted to win the tournament but we know this is baby steps and in a short period we have developed a lot.

Brazil Captain Luciano CAMINHA JUNIOR

On his tournament experience…

I think we did our best, but we did not achieve our goal to win the tournament, but we are on our way. Looking back this team improved a lot. I am disappointed with the match because I think we could have and really wanted to win the game today, but we didn’t. We are still training and we will improve more.

URU v PAR (Round-Robin)