2013 Pan American Cup (Women)

Mendoza, Argentina

: Mendocino Hockey Stadium

Argentina (winner) qualify for the 2014 Women's World Cup in The Hague. Top six teams qualify for the 2017 Women's Pan American Cup. Teams placed 7th and 8th will play in the 2015 Women's Pan American Challenge.

Player of the Tournament: Luciana Aymar (Argentina)
Goal-keeper of the Tournament: Claudia Schuler (Chile)
Top goal-scorer: Carla Rebecchi (Argentina), 10 goals
Fair-Play: Guyana



PAHF Representative:  Tony von Ondarza VEN
Tournament Director:  Paula Parks  CAN
Technical Officials:  Lurah Hess  USA
Umpires Manager:  Cinthia Melli  ARG
Assistant Umpires Manager:  Susan Gomes TRI
Medical Officer:  Dr. Hernan  Sverdlick  ARG
Communications Officer:  Josefina Chavez Díaz  ARG

Rebecca Kanter  USA
Judges:  Julieta Palacios  ARG

Camila Baumann Zamora  CHI

Reyah Richardson  TRI
Neutral Umpires:  Frances Block
Umpires:  Maricel Sanchez  ARG

Megan Robertson  CAN

Meghan McLennan  CAN

Ayanna McClean  TRI

Leila Sacre  CAN

Mary Driscoll  USA

Maritza Perez Castro  URU

Veronica Villafañe  ARG

Suzi Sutton  USA

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