2013 South American Championships (Women)

Santiago, Chile


Player of the tournament: Agustina Albertario (ARG)
Goalkeeper of the tournament: Inge Joanna Vermeulen (BRA)
Top Scorer of the Tournament: Paula Infante (CHI)
Fair-Play: Peru



PAHF Representative:  Gianni Delucchi PER
Tournament Director:  Luis Alemán ARG
Technical Officials:  Katherina Tabo URU
Umpires Manager:  Cinthia Melli ARG
Assistant Umpires Manager:  Christopher Wilson CAN
Medical Officer:  DR. Hernán Sverdlick ARG
Communications Officer:  Erick Winograd ARG
Judges:  Camilla Baumann CHI

Alonso Diaz Jimenez


Gabriela Downey Saldivi
Neutral Umpires:  Suzzie Sutton USA
Umpires:  Luciana Suarez ARG

Veronica Villafañe ARG

Camilia Cabargas CHI

Catalina Montesino Wenzel CHI

Rosario Ardanaz

Megan Robertson CAN

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