2015 Pan American Games (Men)

Toronto, Canada

Argentina Argentina, Brazil Brazil, Canada Canada, Chile Chile,
Cuba Cuba, Mexico Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago, USA USA

Mexico v USA

5th-6th place

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
25 July 2015
22 5th-6th place 11:30am Mexico MEX - USA USA 2 - 6 Official    x 2  

Match Report

To decide the fifth and sixth places, respectively, Mexico and United States played. The match started with both teams having scoring opportunities in the opening minutes. Mexico had a shot saved by United States’ keeper Christopher Rea in the third minute. Immediately the United States went on attack and earned a penalty corner. Will Holt’s drag flick past Mexico’s keeper Moises Vargas in the third minute gave his team the lead. Both teams continued to battle for possession and limit each other’s attacking opportunities. In the 11th minute, Holt was waiting on the opposite post from Vargas and tipped in the ball to make the score Mexico 0, United States 2. In the 14th minute, Mexico earned their first penalty corner that was blocked by the United States’ defense and resulted in two more penalty corners for Mexico. Mexico’s Alexis Campillo had a hard flick saved by keeper Rea. Thus, the score at the end of the first quarter remained Mexico 0, United States 2.

The second quarter started with the United States pressuring on attack and earning a penalty corner in the 17th minute. The drag flick by Holt sailed high above Vargas for his third goal of the match to make the score Mexico 0, United States 3. Mexico went back on attack and Guillermo Pedraza found Captain Edgar Garcia who got the ball past Rea to make the score Mexico 1, United States 3 in the 19th minute. The United States kept most of the possession after the restart and the United States’ Michael Barminski scored in the 22nd minute to increase his teams’ lead by three goals. Mexico kept battling for possession and earned a penalty corner in the 27th minute, but Rea saved the shot. The crowd continued to cheer loudly for Mexico. Mexico’s Ruben Martinez and Pedraza both had shots for Mexico saved by Rea. Mexico earned another penalty corner in the 30th minute. Edgard Borquez shot far into the bottom right of the goal past Rea to make the score at halftime Mexico 2, United States 4.

The third quarter started with Mexico really pressuring on their attacking end and Pol Moreno had a couple shots saved by Rea. Mexico continued to try to run on attack, but the United States kept defending the midfield well. Ten minutes into the third quarter the score was still Mexico 2, United States 4. In the 42nd minute, the United States earned a penalty corner during one of their first attacking opportunities of the quarter. The shot by Holt was saved by Vargas. The United States continued pressure on attack and a shot by Captain Pat Harris in the 45th minute made the score Mexico 2, United States 5 to close out the third quarter.

The United States continued to pressure on attack to start the fourth quarter. In the 48th minute, the United States earned another penalty corner, but the shot was blocked by multiple Mexico defenders. In the 50th minute, Mexico earned a penalty corner, but the hard flick by Francisco Aguilar was blocked by Rea. The United States went back on attack and Tyler Sundeen hit a hard shot from the top of the circle to make the score Mexico 2, United States 6 in the 51st minute. The United States continued to maintain possession, but Mexico prevented them from having more shot opportunities. Thus, the score remained Mexico 2, United States 6 and the United States came away with the fifth place finish; while Mexico finished in sixth place.


Team Min # Player Action
United States 3 11 HOLT Will PC
United States 11 11 HOLT Will FG
United States 17 11 HOLT Will PC
Mexico 19 7 GARCIA Edgar FG
United States 22 3 BARMINSKI Michael FG
Mexico 30 2 BORQUEZ Edgard PC
United States 45 5 HARRIS Pat FG
United States 51 4 SUNDEEN Tyler FG


Team Min # Player Type
Mexico 15 28 CAMPILLO Alexis Green Card
United States 15 14 BARRATT Tom Green Card
United States 20 3 BARMINSKI Michael Green Card
United States 49 25 CUNNINGHAM Alex Yellow Card
Mexico 56 12 PERAZA Bruno Yellow Card
CUB v TTO (7th-8th place) CHI v BRA (3rd-4th place)

Final Standings

  1. Argentina
    1. Argentina
  2. Canada
    2. Canada
  3. Chile
    3. Chile
  4. Brazil
    4. Brazil
  5. USA
    5. USA
  6. Mexico
    6. Mexico
  7. Trinidad & Tobago
  8. Cuba
    8. Cuba

Pool Standings

Team GP W D L GD P
Pool A
Argentina  ARG 3 3 0 0 18 9
USA  USA 3 1 1 1 -5 4
Cuba  CUB 3 0 2 1 -1 2
Trinidad & Tobago  TTO 3 0 1 2 -12 1
Team GP W D L GD P
Pool B
Canada  CAN 3 3 0 0 16 9
Chile  CHI 3 2 0 1 2 6
Brazil  BRA 3 1 0 2 -9 3
Mexico  MEX 3 0 0 3 -9 0