2015 Pan American Games (Women)

Toronto, Canada

Argentina Argentina, Canada Canada, Chile Chile, Cuba Cuba,
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Mexico Mexico, Uruguay Uruguay, USA USA

Argentina v Dominican Republic

Pool A

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
17 July 2015
11 Pool A 5:00pm Argentina ARG - DOM Dominican Republic 12 - 0 Official    x 2  

Match Report

In a pool A match, Argentina and Dominican Republic played. Prior to the match, Argentina’s Macarena Rodriguez was honored for her 200th cap. In the third minute Argentina earned the first penalty corners of the match. Argentina’s Noel Barrionuevo sent in a high drag flick to give her team the early lead. Argentina continued to attack. Dominican Republic’s keeper Cindy De La Rosa blocked a hard shot by Rocio Sanchez to keep Argentina from quickly increasing their lead. With solid defense led by Captain Soledad Del Pino and De La Rosa the Dominican Republic kept Argentina from scoring further a number of minutes. In the 10th minute, the Dominican Republic’s Agustina Birocho had a quick run on attack near their attacking circle, but Argentina quickly regained possession. After an incredible defensive save by the Dominican Republic’s Maria Disanti, Argentina was awarded two penalty corners. After the first penalty corner went wide, Barrionuevo got her second penalty corner of the match in the 12 minute. Agustina Albertarrio gave her team a three goal lead in the 14th minute that remained going into the second quarter.

The second quarter started with Argentina still pressuring on attack. Back-to-back goals by Pilar Romang and Sanchez made the score Argentina 5, Dominican Republic 0 by the 19th minute. Argentina then earned a couple more penalty corners. De La Rosa made a great save with her leg to prevent yet another quick goal by Argentina. Disanti had another good defensive save of an Argentina penalty corner. Despite Dominican Republic’s defensive effort, Rodriguez continued Argentina’s rapid scoring with a goal in the 24th minute. Then Delfina Marino scored off her signature reverse stick shot in the 27th minute. Dominican Republic substituted their keeper De La Rosa for Nayrobi Pichardo. Immediately following the substitution Romang hit a hard shot right from the top of the circle right past Pichardo in the 29th minute to make the score Argentina 8, Dominican Republic 0 that remained at halftime.

The third quarter started with Argentina continuing their fast paced attack. Just one minute into the third quarter, Paula Ortiz put the ball in to make it Argentina 9, Dominican Republic, 0. And then Fantasia Gomes pushed in a penalty corner in the 32nd minute to give her team a ten goal lead. Keeper De La Rosa then came back in for Pichardo and immediately saved a hard shot by Merino. The Dominican Republic did not let up and earned a couple penalty corners in the 39th minute. Argentina’s keeper Maria Mutio saved both shots. Argentina went back on the attack, but the Dominican Republic played strong defense to keep Argentina from scoring further in the third quarter to keep the score Argentina 10, Dominican Republic 0

Sanchez scored her second goal of the match in the 48th minute. Unlike the previous quarters, Argentina did not go on to score multiple goals very quickly. The Dominican Republic continued to well defend their goal cage. It was not until the 59th minute when Argentina was able to score again in the fourth quarter off a shot by Luciana Molina. In the final minute, the Dominican Republic held off another Argentina penalty corner to keep the final result Argentina 12, Dominican Republic 0.


Team Min # Player Action
Argentina 4 27 BARRIONUEVO Noel PC
Argentina 12 27 BARRIONUEVO Noel PC
Argentina 15 19 ALBERTARRIO Agustina FG
Argentina 18 24 ROMANG Pilar FG
Argentina 19 17 SANCHEZ Rocio FG
Argentina 24 5 RODRIGUEZ Macarena FG
Argentina 27 12 MERINO Delfina FG
Argentina 29 24 ROMANG Pilar FG
Argentina 31 26 ORTIZ Maria FG
Argentina 32 29 GOMES Julia PC
Argentina 48 17 SANCHEZ Rocio FG
Argentina 59 20 MOLINA Luciana FG
URU v CHI (Pool B) MEX v CAN (Pool A)

Final Standings

  1. USA
    1. USA
  2. Argentina
    2. Argentina
  3. Canada
    3. Canada
  4. Chile
    4. Chile
  5. Uruguay
    5. Uruguay
  6. Mexico
    6. Mexico
  7. Dominican Republic
  8. Cuba
    8. Cuba

Pool Standings

Team GP W D L GD P
Pool A
Argentina  ARG 3 3 0 0 26 9
Canada  CAN 3 2 0 1 10 6
Mexico  MEX 3 0 1 2 -13 1
Dominican Republic  DOM 3 0 1 2 -23 1
Team GP W D L GD P
Pool B
USA  USA 3 3 0 0 19 9
Chile  CHI 3 2 0 1 6 6
Uruguay  URU 3 1 0 2 -7 3
Cuba  CUB 3 0 0 3 -18 0