2015 Pan American Games (Women)

Toronto, Canada

Argentina Argentina, Canada Canada, Chile Chile, Cuba Cuba,
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Mexico Mexico, Uruguay Uruguay, USA USA

Chile v USA

Pool B

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
15 July 2015
5 Pool B 9:00am Chile CHI - USA USA 0 - 2 Official    x 2  

Match Report

Day two of the women’s competition began with Chile and the United States. In the opening minutes, the United States had a couple shots blocked by Chile’s keeper Claudia Schuler. Soon after, the United States earned the first penalty corner of the match, but Rachel Dawson’s shot was blocked by the Chilean defense. The United States continued to apply attacking pressure to result in another penalty corner. This time Jill Witmer completed the penalty corner play to make the score United States 1, Chile nill in the 7th minute.  After a lot of passing by the United States around their attacking half, Paige Selenski found an opening to send a hard shot past Schuler in the 13th minute. Chile immediately ran back on attack and earned their first penalty corners of the match. Chile’s Captain Camila Caram had two hard penalty corner shots blocked by the United States defense; keeping the score United States 2, Chile nill at the end of the first quarter. To start the second quarter, Chile’s Sofia Walbaum and Camila Caram played strong defense to hold off the United States attack. Chile continued to play incredibly strong defense and Francisca Vidaurre had a breakaway on attack for Chile, but could not get a shot off. Chile had more possession in the second quarter, but often it was Walbaum and Camila Caram passing in their defensive end. With either team able to hold possession for any length of time, the score remained United States 2, Chile 0.

The third quarter started with Chile’s Manuel Urroz and Carolina Garcia running on attack, but Daniela Caram just missed a good shot. Urroz kept fighting on attack, but the United State’s Dawson  sent the ball back down to the United States attacking end. Schuler made a couple big saves to keep the United States from increasing their lead. Then it was Agustina Venegas and Francisca Tala trying to generate attack for Chile, but still having trouble getting past United States last line of defense led by United States Captain Lauren Crandall. Like the second quarter, both teams were unable to hold possession long enough to stay on attack. In the 42nd minute, the United States earned a couple penalty corners, but the first shot was blocked by Schuler and the second went wide. Both teams continued to battle for possession and play was mosltt in the midfield for the next 10 minutes. In the 53rd minute, Chile earned a penalty corner, but Briggs stopped the shot. Chile’s Javiera Villagra had one of Chile’s best scoring opportunities, but just missed the ball standing by the goal post. Chile’s Josefa Villalabeitia and Garcia kept working the ball near the goal. Their hard work resulted in two penalty corners, but again Briggs was there to break them up. The United States earned a penalty corner in the final minute, but Schuler made the save to prevent the United States from scoring another goal. Thus the final score was Chile 0, United States 2.


Team Min # Player Action
United States 7 10 WITMER Jill PC
United States 13 21 SELENSKI Paige FG


Team Min # Player Type
Chile 29 16 PALMA Constanza Green Card
Chile 42 16 PALMA Constanza Green Card
United States 52 16 O'DONNELL Katie Yellow Card
CAN v DOM (Pool A) URU v CUB (Pool B)

Final Standings

  1. USA
    1. USA
  2. Argentina
    2. Argentina
  3. Canada
    3. Canada
  4. Chile
    4. Chile
  5. Uruguay
    5. Uruguay
  6. Mexico
    6. Mexico
  7. Dominican Republic
  8. Cuba
    8. Cuba

Pool Standings

Team GP W D L GD P
Pool A
Argentina  ARG 3 3 0 0 26 9
Canada  CAN 3 2 0 1 10 6
Mexico  MEX 3 0 1 2 -13 1
Dominican Republic  DOM 3 0 1 2 -23 1
Team GP W D L GD P
Pool B
USA  USA 3 3 0 0 19 9
Chile  CHI 3 2 0 1 6 6
Uruguay  URU 3 1 0 2 -7 3
Cuba  CUB 3 0 0 3 -18 0