2020 Indoor Pan American Cups (Men) POSTPONED

Lancaster, PA, USA

PAHF Board has decided that all athletes playing at tournaments
need to complete the e-learning module at WADA website.
For Indoors Cups in March 2020, deadline is March 1st.
This anti doping education  is free.
We encourage Team Managers, Medical/ Health Staff and Coaches
to complete the module as well: https://adel.wada-ama.org/

Schedule and Results

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
25 March 2020
1 Round-Robin 11:40am Trinidad & Tobago TTO - ARG Argentina - Upcoming
2 Round-Robin 1:00pm Canada CAN - USA USA - Upcoming
3 Round-Robin 6:40pm Canada CAN - TTO Trinidad & Tobago - Upcoming
4 Round-Robin 7:20pm Argentina ARG - USA USA - Upcoming
26 March 2020
5 Round-Robin 10:20am Trinidad & Tobago TTO - USA USA - Upcoming
6 Round-Robin 1:00pm Argentina ARG - CAN Canada - Upcoming
7 Round-Robin 4:20pm Argentina ARG - TTO Trinidad & Tobago - Upcoming
8 Round-Robin 7:00pm USA USA - CAN Canada - Upcoming
28 March 2020
9 Round-Robin 9:00am USA USA - ARG Argentina - Upcoming
10 Round-Robin 10:20am Trinidad & Tobago TTO - CAN Canada - Upcoming
11 Round-Robin 3:00pm USA USA - TTO Trinidad & Tobago - Upcoming
12 Round-Robin 5:40pm Canada CAN - ARG Argentina - Upcoming
29 March 2020
13 3rd-4th place 11:40am 3rd Round-Robin - 4th Round-robin - Upcoming
14 Final 3:00pm 1st Round-robin - 2nd Round-robin - Upcoming
- The sequence of matches follows FIH Guidelines.
- There will be one full rest day for all teams following the first two competition days.
- For Broadcast and streaming, most matches will be held on Pitch #1. Maximum matches on Pitch #1 is 10 matches per day. Pitch #2 will primarily be used for practice and warm-up. However, at least two Pool Matches per day is scheduled on Pitch #2 for the first two days of competition.
- Host request that the last two matches on each Pool Day feature the USA Men & Women Teams has been accommodated.
- Competition Format: Double Round Robin - No Cross-Over’s (Only Classification Matches).
- The Match Schedule is subject to amendment at the discretion of PAHF.