2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Men)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Argentina v USA


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
27 June 2021
7 Final 1:30pm Argentina ARG - USA USA 4 - 2 Official    x 2

Match Report

The final of the Mens Indoor Pan Am Cup Tournament, was played between Argentina and the US, they had already played two matches in the tournament where Argentina had two victories (4 - 1 and 4 -3).

During the first quarter Argentina had greater possession of the ball, but could not make the difference, there was a green card for Kentwell # 2 in the 7th minute of the match.

In the second quarter Argentina maintained possession of the ball and was able to take the advantage in the 18th minute converted by Ceballos # 7. by a pealty stroke.

During the third quarter, the USA went looking the tie, was able to convert in the 22nd minute 'Kaeppeler 29 # through a penalty corner. In the 26th minute,  Harris # 10 had a green card, and Argentina in minute 27 'managed to score with Gonzalez # 15 giving Argentina a partial victory.

The last quarter started with the game 2-1, during the last minutes both wanted to win. In minute 39 'Ceballos # 7 scored his second goal of the match, putting Argentina ahead by a greater difference, the Argentine player Eleicegui # 5 had a green card in 39'.

Throbbing the end USA managed to convert through a penalty corner by Kentwell # 2 putting the game 3- 2, already in the last seconds of an exciting final, the Argentine player Ceballos # 7 at 40' extended the advantage, finishing 4 - 2 being Argentina the champion of the Pan American Cup.


Team Min # Player Action
Argentina 18 7 CEBALLOS Agustin PS
United States 22 29 KAEPPELER Aki PC
Argentina 27 15 GONZALEZ Joaquin PC
Argentina 39 7 CEBALLOS Agustin FG
United States 39 2 KENTWELL JaJa PC
Argentina 40 7 CEBALLOS Agustin FG


Team Min # Player Type
United States 7 2 KENTWELL JaJa Green Card
United States 26 10 HARRIS Pat Green Card
Argentina 39 5 ELEICEGUI Juan Green Card


Reserve UmpireMILES Alex (CAN)
Technical Officerde GROOT Dominique (GUY)
JudgesHESS Lurah (USA)DUDEK Aaron (USA)


TeamArgentinaUnited States
ShirtsLight Blue & White StripesRed
GK ShirtsYellowBlack
CAN v ARG (Round-Robin)