2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Argentina v Uruguay

3rd-4th place

# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
27 June 2021
11 3rd-4th place 12:00pm Argentina ARG - URU Uruguay 5 - 4 Official    

Match Report

Bronze for Argentina

Argentina beat Uruguay 5-4 and took third place in the tournament.

The Argentine team defeated Uruguayan team 5-4 and won the third Place in the 2021 Indoor Pan American Cup.

The first quarter began with both teams pressing and trying to stifle the rival's exits. With a lot of concentration and good collective defenses they could not take advantage each other and only in the second quarter would the goals arrive. The first at 12 minutes through Carina Guzman and the second at 16 minutes thanks to  Lucía Cocaro. With this 2-0 run, Argentina managed to go ahead at halftime.

The third quarter was vibrant: just 3 minutes into the game, Uruguay had already managed to tie the game thanks to goals from Teresa Viana and Carolina Mutilva, the latter from a penalty corner.

The Argentine reaction would come with Julia Gomez who put her team in front again but the Uruguayan team would again achieve the tie with the goal of Constanza Barrandeguy at the end of the period.

In the last quarter, Uruguay managed to take the lead for the first time in the match with a penalty stroke from Camila de Maria, but the top scorer of the day would appear again, Lucía Cocaro, who at 33 and 35 minutes scored on the net, achieving for Argentina goes to the front by 5 to 4.

Finally the buzzer sounded and the girls from Argentina, headed by Fernando Ferrara, celebrated obtaining third place and a bronze medal at the 2021 Pan American Indoor Cup.


Team Min # Player Action
Argentina 12 8 GUZMAN Carina FG
Argentina 16 18 COCARO Lucia FG
Uruguay 21 17 VIANA Teresa FG
Uruguay 23 16 MUTILVA Carolina PC
Argentina 29 16 GOMES Julia PC
Uruguay 30 7 BARRANDEGUY Constanza FG
Uruguay 33 6 de MARIA Camila PS
Argentina 33 18 COCARO Lucia FG
Argentina 35 18 COCARO Lucia FG


Team Min # Player Type
Argentina 9 10 AGUDO Luciana Green Card
Uruguay 12 6 de MARIA Camila Green Card
Argentina 27 5 ZANNI Romina Yellow Card
Argentina 30 8 GUZMAN Carina Yellow Card


UmpiresBAIR Ridge (USA)MILES Alex (CAN)
Reserve UmpireYURKOFSKI Judy (USA)
Technical OfficerSCOTT Kim (USA)
JudgesNYTE Rael (USA)ROGERS Chip (USA)


ShirtsPinkSky Blue
SkirtsPinkDark Blue
SocksPinkDark Blue
GK ShirtsYellowFluorescent Green
USA v CAN (Final)