2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

USA v Canada


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
27 June 2021
12 Final 3:00pm USA USA - CAN Canada 3 - 0 Official    x 2

Match Report

In a match without much action, the United States defeated Canada 3-0 and became the Pan-American champion, thus obtaining a place for the next indoor World Cup to be played next February in Belgium.

The goals that began to define the course of the game came at 4 and 6 minutes thanks to the actions of Ashley Sessa and Rose Hope. Then it turned into a hard match.

During the second quarter no goal for none of the teams and there was only one penaltyt corner in favor of the United States, but it was well defended by Shankar Premakanthan's led. Coming to the end of the first half, captain Alison Lee was sanctioned with a yellow card for a repeat offense; however, the result was not altered.

In the third quarter, Canada had its chances to shorten the distance since the game took place closer to the area defended by Samantha Carlino but could not find the goal and it was also 2 minutes with an extra player due to the yellow card sanction to Sessa. At the end she had the clearest opportunity to score when he got a penalty corner, whose shot was deflected or when seconds before times up they shot at goal, but the action was invalidated because the ball came out high and was considered dangerous by Diego Barbas, one of the match umpires.

The last quarter of the game also went smoothly until the Canadian coach, with 2 minutes to go, decided to take out his goalkeeper Kathryn Williams and play with 6 outfield players to seek a tie. With 1.20 minutes remaining, the United States generated a penalty corner in favor that was well defended and just 20 seconds later another, which with Rose's shot allowed them to seal the final 3-0 and hang the gold medal.


Team Min # Player Action
United States 4 19 SESSA Ashley FG
United States 6 6 ROSE Hope FG
United States 40 6 ROSE Hope PC


Team Min # Player Type
Canada 5 5 LEE Alison Green Card
United States 8 19 SESSA Ashley Green Card
Canada 20 5 LEE Alison Yellow Card
United States 22 19 SESSA Ashley Yellow Card


UmpiresBARBAS Diego (ARG)ILLANES Melina (ARG)
Reserve UmpireLODEIRO Natalia (URU)
Technical Officerde GROOT Dominique (GUY)


TeamUnited StatesCanada
GK ShirtsWhiteGreen
ARG v URU (3rd-4th place) CAN v URU (Round-Robin)