2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Canada v Uruguay


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
25 June 2021
1 Round-Robin 9:00am Canada CAN - URU Uruguay 1 - 1 Official    

Match Report

Uruguay 1 - Canada 1

In the first match of the Indoor Pan American Cup (W), the Uruguayan team, led by Tixe Nicolás and his Canadian pair tied for one goal and divide points.

In a favorable start for Uruguay, in the first half they quickly took the lead with a goal after three minutes, scored by Viana Teresa (# 17). That same player would also have the first green card of the match for foul play.

In the second half Canada took the reins of the game and achieved the tie through Kathleen Leahy (# 10). Not only the result was able to equalize, but also the game. Both teams were looking to score the second but a very good defense from Uruguay prevented the Canadians from getting ahead.

The third half was much more difficult, some strong plays reflect the fatigue and ferocity with which both teams look for the victory. The cards were immediate, Canada played most of the time with two less players (two yellow and one green).

In the last part of the match, no advantages were taken, sentencing the tie in the first match of the 2021 Pan American Indoor Cup.


Team Min # Player Action
Uruguay 2 17 VIANA Teresa FG
Canada 19 10 LEAHY Kathleen FG


Team Min # Player Type
Uruguay 10 17 VIANA Teresa Green Card
Canada 22 5 LEE Alison Yellow Card
Canada 23 8 WONG Elise Green Card
Canada 26 8 WONG Elise Yellow Card
Uruguay 35 17 VIANA Teresa Yellow Card
Canada 35 10 LEAHY Kathleen Yellow Card


Reserve UmpireBAIR Ridge (USA)
Technical OfficerSCOTT Kim (USA)
JudgesNYTE Rael (USA)de GROOT Dominique (GUY)


SkirtsBlackSky Blue
SocksBlackSky Blue
GK ShirtsRedOrange
USA v CAN (Final) GUY v USA (Round-Robin)