2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Canada v USA


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
25 June 2021
4 Round-Robin 4:00pm Canada CAN - USA USA 4 - 5 Official    

Match Report

In the fourth pool game on the first day of the Indoor Pan American Cup, Canada played against the United States, living a North American classic.

Starting the first quarter in the 10th minute of the match Corinne Zanaolli from a penalty corner scored the first goal of the match, going into halftime 1-0 with the home team winning.

During the second quarter the US team scored again with the participation of Kasey Tapman and Ashley Sessa who obtained a green card and Hope Rose, the latter from a penalty stroke after a clear infraction. On the other hand, Canada scored with a goal from Madison Thompson, finishing the second quarter 5-1 with the victory for the locals.

Reaching the third quarter taking advantage of the lack of concentration and the infractions of the United States that cost him two yellow cards, one for Hope Rose who was 2 minutes off the field and another for Madison Orobon who was 4 minutes away from the team, Canada gained momentum and Madison Thompson converted again to discount and get closer to the result.

Starting the fourth and last quarter with the result 5-2, Canada continued to fight and at the end of the game their captain Alison Lee from a penalty and Kathleen Leahy showed how strong this team is, putting the score 5-4 trying to tie the game in the last minute. Even having tried, the game remained for the local team.


Team Min # Player Action
United States 10 10 ZANOLLI Corinne PC
United States 12 19 SESSA Ashley FG
United States 14 13 TAPMAN Kasey FG
United States 17 6 ROSE Hope PS
United States 19 6 ROSE Hope FG
Canada 20 9 THOMPSON Madison FG
Canada 23 9 THOMPSON Madison FG
Canada 35 5 LEE Alison PS
Canada 37 10 LEAHY Kathleen FG


Team Min # Player Type
United States 15 19 SESSA Ashley Green Card
United States 22 6 ROSE Hope Yellow Card
United States 28 12 OROBONO Madison Yellow Card


UmpiresILLANES Melina (ARG)BARBAS Diego (ARG)
Reserve UmpireLODEIRO Natalia (URU)
Technical OfficerFOLCHER Gaston (ARG)
JudgesHESS Lurah (USA)de GROOT Dominique (GUY)


TeamCanadaUnited States
ShirtsWhiteRoyal Blue
SocksWhiteRoyal Blue
GK ShirtsGreenBlack
ARG v URU (Round-Robin) GUY v ARG (Round-Robin)