2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Guyana v Argentina


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
25 June 2021
5 Round-Robin 6:00pm Guyana GUY - ARG Argentina 0 - 14 Official    

Match Report

Guyana was looking to get a win and recover from the 20-2 defeat against the United States and also take revenge from the last game in which they faced the South Americans, which was in 2017 for this same tournament, Argentina won 3-0.

The Argentine girls struck quickly and at the beginning they took the lead thanks to a goal from Carina Guzmán and then from Zanni and Gomes on two occasions. At the end of the first quarter Zanni scored again, but this time with a penalty stroke. Thus the first 10 minutes ended 5-0 in favor of Argentina.

In the second quarter, Argentina reached the rival area again at  2nd minute and it was María Eugenia Nimo who put the final stamp on the play. Then Guyana improved the defense and prevented their goal from being beaten until the end of the quarter, when Olympian Gomes Fantasia converted twice through her specialty on outdoor hockey: the penalty corner.

In the third querter the guyaneses notably improved their defensive appearance and resisted the offensive actions until, averaging the fourth , Guzmán scored her second goal. In this section, Argentina scored two more goals (Irianni and Berola), but none through the penalty corner, which show the changes that Phillip Fernándes proposed to her players.

Finally, in the last quarter Argentina scored three times (Agudo x2 and Ríos Ferreyra). However, Fernando Ferrara decided to take out his goalkeeper when there were still 6 minutes left to finish the game and play with 6 players on the field. This action allowed the “albicelestes” to score two goals and win 14-0, obtaining their first victory in the tournament.


Team Min # Player Action
Argentina 2 8 GUZMAN Carina FG
Argentina 3 5 ZANNI Romina FG
Argentina 8 16 GOMES Julia PC
Argentina 8 16 GOMES Julia PC
Argentina 9 5 ZANNI Romina PS
Argentina 12 14 NIMO Maria FG
Argentina 20 16 GOMES Julia PC
Argentina 20 16 GOMES Julia PC
Argentina 24 8 GUZMAN Carina FG
Argentina 28 9 IRIANNI Lara FG
Argentina 29 3 BEROLA Maria FG
Argentina 33 10 AGUDO Luciana FG
Argentina 35 7 RIOS FERREYRA Juliana FG
Argentina 39 10 AGUDO Luciana FG


Team Min # Player Type
Argentina 7 9 IRIANNI Lara Green Card
Argentina 17 7 RIOS FERREYRA Juliana Yellow Card
Argentina 30 9 IRIANNI Lara Yellow Card
Argentina 39 15 AMAYA Victoria Yellow Card


Reserve UmpireYURKOFSKI Judy (USA)
Technical OfficerSCOTT Kim (USA)
JudgesDUDEK Aaron (USA)NYTE Rael (USA)


ShirtsRedLight Blue & White Stripes
SkirtsBlackLight Blue
SocksGreenLight Blue
GK ShirtsBlackYellow
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