2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

Canada v Guyana


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
26 June 2021
7 Round-Robin 11:30am Canada CAN - GUY Guyana 13 - 0 Official    

Match Report

The second match of the women's pool in the 2021 Indoor Pan American Cup was with Canada (WR 17) and Guyana (WR 31), in which the North American team stood out in a bulky 13-0 goal difference over their South American pair.

The match took a few minutes for the teams to settle into their game. Canada got corners, and it was in the second that Rebecca Calvalho (# 3) scored via a flick straight to the center of the goal prior to halftime.

The second quarter marked a clear dominance of Canada. Captain Alison Lee (# 5) showed off throwing the ball over the rival goalkeeper, converting the second for her team. A minute later, through a corner, Madison Thompson (# 9) widened the difference. The halftime was preceded by another two goals from the Canadian captain, one from a corner and the other from a penalty stroke.

With a partial score of 5-0, Canada resumed the game with two set plays, of which Kathleen Leahy (# 10) capitalized the second. Nicole Poulakis (# 2) opened her personal account internationally by scoring a play goal in the 22nd. Minutes came in which the game was stuck, and it was Leahy who scored again at 27 'and at 30'.

In the last quarter, the players from Guyana showed a new attitude, despite having one less player for a few minutes. Condition that Carvalho knew how to take advantage of for Canada, adding a goal to his team. Guyana's reaction got the penalty corner, which did not serve for the discount. Despite their efforts, Thompson, Leahy and Angela Lancaster (# 18) took it upon themselves to seal the resounding victory for Canada.

Thus, Canada adds 3 points in the table and Guyana will seek to score points against Uruguay.


Team Min # Player Action
Canada 10 3 CARVALHO Rebecca PC
Canada 14 5 LEE Alison FG
Canada 15 9 THOMPSON Madison PC
Canada 19 5 LEE Alison PC
Canada 20 5 LEE Alison PS
Canada 21 10 LEAHY Kathleen PC
Canada 22 2 POULAKIS Nicole FG
Canada 27 10 LEAHY Kathleen FG
Canada 30 10 LEAHY Kathleen PC
Canada 31 3 CARVALHO Rebecca FG
Canada 37 9 THOMPSON Madison PC
Canada 40 10 LEAHY Kathleen PC
Canada 40 18 LANCASTER Angela FG


Team Min # Player Type
Canada 8 5 LEE Alison Green Card
Guyana 19 17 BOBB Clayza Green Card
Guyana 30 6 HARDING Makeda Yellow Card
Guyana 38 23 FERNANDES Madison Green Card


Reserve UmpireILLANES Melina (ARG)
Technical OfficerNYTE Rael (USA)
JudgesHESS Lurah (USA)FOLCHER Gaston (ARG)


GK ShirtsLight BlueGreen
USA v URU (Round-Robin) USA v ARG (Round-Robin)