2021 Indoor Pan American Cup (Women)

Spring City, PA, USA

Training Center, Spring City, PA, USA

USA v Argentina


# Info Time Teams Score Status Match Sheet
26 June 2021
8 Round-Robin 1:30pm USA USA - ARG Argentina 3 - 3 Official    

Match Report

On the second day of competition, the Argentine team, who had won 14-0 against Guyana, faced their American counterpart, current Champion of the tournament.

The game started very benefiting the United States , which opened the scoring four minutes into the game, with a slash from # 5 Campbell from a penalty corner. In that same play, Carina Guzman (Argentina) was suspended with a green card. At the end of the first half, Coccaro (Argentina) and Yeager (USA) would also be sanctioned with a one-minute suspension.

In the second half, the North American team continued playing a little better and managed to stretch the lead with a goal from Rose Hope (# 6) five minutes after the game resumed. However, Argentina never stopped attacking and trying to narrow the gap on the scoreboard. Although they played with one less player, with a yellow card to Juliana Rios Ferreyra (# 7), they managed to go to half time 2 to 1. Julia Gomes Fantasia (# 16) sealed the second half with a goal from a penalty corner.

As soon as the third half began, Argentina would again be at a numerical disadvantage, since Luciana Agudo (# 10) would have a yellow card for rough play. The United States manages to enlarge the score 3 to 1, through a great team play that ended Elizabeth Yeager (# 3). Then Rose Hope (# 6) would get a yellow card and before the possibility of continuing to brudge the result, Argentina took possession of the ball and was very close to scoring, prevented by the great performance of rival goalkeeper Samantha Carlino.

In the last quarter, the Argentine team returned to be the protagonist and immediately took full possession of the ball, thus obtaining the 3 to 2 with a goal María Nimo (# 14). Already in the last minutes of the match, and outnumbered after the yellow card to Julia Gomes Fantasia (# 16), Argentina would manage to tie the game in the last penalty corner. Luciana Agudo (# 10) sealed the final tie 3 to 3 against the last Pan American Indoor champion.


Team Min # Player Action
United States 4 5 CAMPBELL Ali PC
United States 15 6 ROSE Hope FG
Argentina 20 16 GOMES Julia PC
United States 24 3 YEAGER Elizabeth FG
Argentina 35 14 NIMO Maria FG
Argentina 40 10 AGUDO Luciana PC


Team Min # Player Type
Argentina 4 8 GUZMAN Carina Green Card
Argentina 9 18 COCARO Lucia Green Card
United States 9 3 YEAGER Elizabeth Green Card
Argentina 17 7 RIOS FERREYRA Juliana Yellow Card
Argentina 22 10 AGUDO Luciana Yellow Card
United States 25 6 ROSE Hope Yellow Card
Argentina 40 16 GOMES Julia Yellow Card


Reserve UmpireLODEIRO Natalia (URU)
Technical Officerde GROOT Dominique (GUY)
JudgesDUDEK Aaron (USA)SCOTT Kim (USA)


TeamUnited StatesArgentina
ShirtsRoyal BluePink
SkirtsRoyal BluePink
SocksRoyal BluePink
GK ShirtsWhiteYellow
CAN v GUY (Round-Robin) URU v GUY (Round-Robin)