Board of Directors

Alberto Budeisky

Alberto "Coco" Budeisky Argentina
President - Term: 2025

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Managing Director
to be announced

Mary Cicinelli

Mary Cicinelli Canada
Honorary Treasurer - Term: 2023

Toronto, Canada

Paco Aguilar

Francisco ‘Paco’ Aguilar Mexico
Athletes Representative


Maureen Craig-Rousseau

Maureen Craig-Rousseau Trinidad & Tobago
Term: 2023

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Gianni Delucchi

Gianni Delucchi Peru
Term: 2023

Lima, Peru

Ann Doggett

Ann Doggett Canada
Term: 2025

Toronto, Canada

Tricia Fiedtkou

Tricia Fiedtkou Guyana
Term: 2025

Georgetown, Guyana

Bree Gillespie

Bree Gillespie USA
Term: 2023

Lancaster, USA

Walter Kramer

Walter Kramer Chile
Term: 2025

Santiago, Chile

Ademir Montenegro Cortes

Ademir Montenegro Cortes Panama
Term: 2025


Fabian Stewart

Fabian Stewart Jamaica
Term: 2023


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