• FIH Hockey Series Open: USA (men) and Canada (women)  x 6  

    Salamanca, Mexico - June 5 to 10, 2018

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  • Argentina Odesur Women’s Champion    x 2

    Cochabamba. When the umpires marked the end of the match, Argentina raised their arms and celebrated. They defeated Uruguay and become champions of Cochabamba 2018 South American Games. More

  • Argentina champion of the South American Games  x 2

    With one goal from Gonzalo Merino, the Leones took over Chile 1-0 and won the gold medal. Brazil won the 'shoot-outs' against Venezuela and finish 3rd.

    Cochabamba Argentina ratified its favoritism by beating Chile in the final game of Cochabamba’s XI South American Games 2018 and won the gold medal of the tournament. Gonzalo Merino scored the only goal of the game in the Félix Capriles stadium infront of 450 spectators. More

  • South American Games (2018wODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Argentina vs. Chile

    Odesur’s gold medal between Argentina and Uruguay

    Chile, which played a great game, will have to play the bronze medal against Brazil. Bolivia and Paraguay will define the 5th and 6th position.

    Cochabamba. Argentina debió esforzarse al máximo para superar a un Chile que jugó hoy su mejor partido en los Juegos Suramericanos, pero que no le alcanzó para meterse en la final del certamen. Las que si lograron el objetivo fueron las uruguayas, quienes en el encuentro de fondo vencieron 6-0 a Brasil y también están en la final. More

  • South American Games (2018mODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Chile vs. Venezuela

    Argentina and Chile will play Odesur’s final for the gold medal

    Cochabamba. The final game of the South American Games will have a continental classic when this Wednesday Argentina and Chile will play and pursuit the gold medal of the men's hockey tournament Cochabamba 2018. Los Leones took over Brazil in the semifinals 5- 0 while the Los Diablos scored four against Venezuela. More

  • South American Games (2018wODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Chile vs. Bolivia

    Argentina vs. Chile and Uruguay vs. Brazil – Odesur Semifinals

    Cochabamba. A day under the rain hockey in the South American Games, Cochabamba 2018 but with the semifinals results of Tuesday June 5th: Argentina will face Chile and Brazil will play against Uruguay. More

  • South American Games (2018mODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Uruguay vs. Venezuela

    Venezuela surprises and faces Chile in semifinals

    Eight men teams played today the last group games and prepare themselves for semifinals that will take place on Tuesday, June 5th. Venezuela surprised, and took over Uruguay.

    Cochabamba. Definition Saturday in Cochabamba’s South American Games 2018. But without a doubt, Venezuela was the great protagonist of this day. With a narrow score defeated 3-2 Uruguay. The'chamos' celebrated the triumph with the sound of the final whistle. More

  • South American Games (2018wODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Paraguay vs. Bolivia

    Bolivia makes history and wins its first international match  

    Cochabamba. For Bolivia and the fans at the Félix Capriles stadium wining this game was as if they had won the World League. The women's hockey team won its first international match this afternoon by beating Paraguay 4-1 in second day of the Cochabamba South American Games 2018. More

  • South American Games (2018wODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Uruguay vs. Chile

    Chile and Uruguay define their place in the semifinal on the last date

    Argentina tookover Brazil and seals thier pass to semifinals. Bolivia was the BIG protagonist of the day who won his first international game.

    Cochabamba. Chile and Uruguay played a very closed game, so close that the 1-1 will force the two teams to define their places in the last day of pool games of the South American Games Cochabamba 2018. More

  • South American Games (2018mODESUR) Cochabamba 2018: Chile vs. Brazil

    Chile and Argentina secure their place in the semifinals

    Cochabamba. In the second day of Cochabamba’s South American Games 2018, Chile and Argentina won their matches today and secured a place in the semifinals of the tournament that will qualify for next year's Pan American Games in Lima. The other two places will be defined on Saturday when the last games of the group stage are played. More