Last day of competitions for the women's teams!

Chile faced Paraguay in the match for the bronze medal, while Argentina played Uruguay in search of the gold medal.

3/4 Place - Paraguay v Chile: 0-3

The match for third place was clearly dominated by the Chilean team, which imposed its game from start to finish.

Francisca Flores’ team knew how to manage the times during the first half and managed to score two goals and make a partial difference of 2-0.

The second half of the match was totally different. Although the Paraguayan team was unable to break the rival defense, they worked as a team and defended their goal efficiently, managing to neutralize the repeated attacks of the Chilean team.

In the final minutes, there were some attempts to score but Chile knew how to defend itself. Florencia Barrios closed the match with the third goal one minute from the end.

Final - Argentina v Uruguay: 4-0

The Leoncitas were faithful to Argentina’s history and specifically to Hockey 5s, a specialty in which they played the Rosario 2022 South American Youth Games (Under 18). With an excellent performance, they won the gold medal without worries.

After a start of the match in which the Cimarroncitas put up a good defense, and which therefore generated an even match in the first half, Argentina managed to break parity through Ambar Caucigh with a fantastic reverse shot. Victoria Falasco stretched the difference when she scored the second goal for Argentina after a perfect deflection.

The Uruguayan team attempted to balance the game, but Argentina's supremacy was too much for them. Argentina managed to score again 3 minutes into the second half after an individual play by Pilar Robles who sealed on the scoreboard.

Final Positions
1- Argentina
2- Uruguay
3- Chile
4- Paraguay