Last day of competitions in Rosario.

On a sunny morning in Rosario, Ricardo Azcurra’s Chilean Team defeated the Bolivian team 13-0 and won the hockey 5 bronze medal of the 2022 South American Youth Games.

Chile scored quickly in the first minutes and exposed the difference in level with their opponent.

The difficulties of the Bolivian team to get out of their camp allowed the Chileans to go into the break with a large difference on the scoreboard. In the second half, they increased the difference even more and did not give their rival a chance to score, ending up winning 13-0 and thus taking the bronze medal.

The match for the gold medal was also one-sided.

The Argentine team put together a festival of goals on the field. They took the lead one minute into the game through Simón Casiello and Thiago Zalazar stretched the difference just three minutes later.

The Brazilian team never managed to worry the Argentine goalkeeper and the locals took advantage of their ability to shoot from a distance to increase the difference.

With three more goals in the second half, Juan Gilardi’s team rounded off a dream 5-0 to win the gold medal.

Final Positions
1- Argentina
2- Brazil
3- Chile
4- Bolivia