Chile vs. Paraguay

Opening the fifth day of the tournament, in the men's branch, Peru was finally able to obtain their first victory by a score of 2-1.

The second game of the day saw Brazil defeat Bolivia 12-0 and wrapping up the day, Chile faced Paraguay, who won 10-0.

PERU 2 – URUGUAY 1 (men)

Both teams were coming in fresh off a first game loss and were hoping to add 3 points. A penalty miss shortly after the game started heralded a not great result for the Uruguayan team.

Peru took the lead first, after executing their only penalty corner in the third quarter.

A few minutes later Uruguay would score the tie to go into the break 1-1.

The last quarter was charged with emotion and nerves, as both teams were hoping to take the victory. The Peruvian warriors turned the score into a 2-1, thanks again to the effectiveness of the set play.

Uruguay had the opportunity to equalize a few minutes before the end of the game, but the Peruvian goalkeeper was able to stop the attack and keep the score as it was.

The goals of the Peruvians were scored by: Sebastian Dennison and Rodrigo Diaz Espinosa. While the goal of the “”Cimarrones” was made by Alexis Lopez.

The next matches will be on October 9, when Uruguay faces Paraguay in the first match at 11:45 and Argentina faces Brazil in the semis at 5:00 p.m.

BRAZIL 12 – BOLIVIA 0 (men)

The second game of the day had Brazil as the protagonist and winner. Despite not being highly effective from penalty corners, it was still enough for the Brazilian squad to take the lead.

Bolivia had a penalty corner in the second quarter that they were not able to exchange for a goal and despite attacking a little more in the last half, Brazil closed the game convincingly 12-0.

The goals were scored by: Mateus Santos x 4, Joaquin Lopez, Adam Imer x 3, Yuri Van Der Heijden x 2, Nalbert Figueiredo and Fabio Assis.

A highlight of the match, No. 7 for the Brazilians, captain André Patrocínio, played his 100th match with the green and yellow.

Bolivia finished last in the group, thus ending its participation in the tournament. Brazil, for its part, faces Argentina in the semis on October 9 at 5:00 p.m.


CHILE 10 – PARAGUAY 0 (men)

And to wrap up the day,  the host nation lost to Chile by 10 to 0.

The transandean team dominated the game during the four quarters. Paraguay tried to attack but could not against Chile's superior technique.

The Chilean squad knew how to take advantage of the set pieces and demonstrated superior physical dexterity.

The goals were scored by: Axel Richter, Kay Gesswein, Juan Amoroso x 4, Andrés Pizarro, Martín Rodriguez x 2 and Jose Maldonado.

The Chilean team obtained two green cards and Paraguay one green and one yellow.


The next matches will be on October 9 at 11:45 when Paraguay hosts Uruguay for the first match and Chile meets Peru for the semis.