Argentina vs. Brazil

During the first encounter of the day, Uruguay beat Bolivia by 2-1, taking the seventh spot of the men’s side of the tournament.

On the women’s side, Paraguay was able to defeat Peru 1-0, concluding the third set of games.

In the first semi-final game, Argentina defeated Brazil 12 to 0 and secured a spot on the podium.

In the second semi-final game, Peru lost to the Chilean squad 0-10. The “Diablos” are going to face Argentina for their chance at a gold medal, while Peru will take on Brazil for a chance at the bronze medal.


The “Cimarrones” put themselves on the scoreboard quickly with two goals, a product of their effective teamwork. Their defense also put on an incredible effort, stopping Bolivian attacks. It wasn’t until the second quarter that Bolivia was able to break through with two short corners, but it wasn’t enough to put them on the scoreboard.

The singular goal of the game for the Bolivian side came in the last quarter, moments before the final whistle when Lucas Fadell was able to connect inside the area  to make the final score 2-1 in favor of the Uruguayan team.

The Uruguay goals came from Gabriel Lopez and Federico Iglesias

The next game for the “Cimarrones” will be against Paraguay, to define the fifth and sixth place of the tournament. Bolivia, on the other hand, has now ended their participation at the tournament in seventh place.

PERU 0 – PARAGUAY 1 (women)

Wrapping up the third set of matches for the Women’s side, the host nation obtained their first victory, beating Peru 1-0.

The Paraguayan squad opened up  the scoreboard in the third quarter after capitalizing on a short corner. The game had been quite even until that moment.

Peru was not able to land any set pieces, nor were they able to be dominant in the opponent’s area.

The Paraguayan goal was scored by Lilian Acuña. In terms of cards, there were three for the local team and two for the Peruvians.

The last match date will see Paraguay resting, while Peru will take on Argentina, point leader and undefeated, on October 10th at 7 p.m.

Semi-final: BRAZIL 0 – ARGENTINA 12 (men)

In the first semi-final match of the tournament, in the men's category, Argentina defeated Brazil 12-nil.

The “Leones” quickly took the lead in the first quarter thanks to Bautista Capurro, who was able to score after a great collective play.

In the second quarter they extended the lead by 4. The third and fourth periods played the same way with another 4 goals in each period.

The Argentine goals came from: Bautista Capurro x 2, Ignacio Ibarra x 2, Nicolas Acosta x 2, Matías Rey, Lucas Vila, Tobias Martins x 2 and Juan Ronconi x 2.

Brazilian number 20, Nalbert Figueiredo, received a yellow card during the match.

The next game for the “Lions” will be the grand final against Chile on October 11 at 7:15 p.m. Brazil will play the bronze with Peru on the same day at 5:00 p.m.

Semi-final: CHILE 11 – PERU 0 (men)

In the second semi-final of Odesur 2022, Chile beat Peru 11-nil.

Chile scored three in the first period and doubled their score in the second period. Not as effective in the set pieces as they would have wanted, they had to rely on the collective game to break through the Peruvian defense, which in the end allowed them to prevail.

Between the third and fourth periods, Chile scored the rest of the goals, closing the rout at 11-nil.

The goals were scored by: Juan Amoroso, Ignacio Contardo x 3, Nils Strabucchi, Axel Richter, Martin Rodriguez, Fernando Renz, Andrés Pizarro and Raimundo Valenzuela x 2.

The “Diablos” will face Argentina in the grand final on October 11 at 7:15 p.m. Peru will face off against Brazil in the bronze medal match on the same day at 5:00 p.m.