Uruguay vs. Chile

In the last match date of the women’s side of Odesur 2022, Uruguay and Chile faced off, ending up with a scoreless game. This result left Chile in second place, Uruguay third, followed by Paraguay and Peru in fourth and fifth spot respectively.

And lastly, Argentina defeated the Peruvian squad 20-0, continuing their undefeated streak and taking the top spot of the group.

This means that Argentina will take on Chile for a chance at gold, while Uruguay will play the bronze medal match against Paraguay on October 12th at 5 p.m.

URUGUAY 0 - CHILE 0 (women)

In a very even game, the “Diablas” were not able to carve out an advantage against the “Cimarronas” in the game that wrapped up the group stage.

With barely one short corner for Chile and three for Uruguay, it was a game that was mostly disputed in the middle of the pitch, and less in either team’s area.

Three minutes before the game came to an end, Uruguay saw a goal called off after being reviewed by the refs, upon Chile’s request.

With this result, Chile is still in the chase for gold, while Uruguay will have to settle for bronze if they can beat Paraguay.

ARGENTINA 20 - PERU 0 (women)

The last game of the group stage saw Argentina comfortably defeat Peru by the score of 20-nil.

With a visible improvement in their set pieces, the “Leonas” were able to control the game from the get-go, putting themselves 10 up by the time the game had reached its midpoint.

In the second half of the game, Argentina doubled their advantage with the final score ending at 20-0.

The Argentine goals were scored by: Maria Forcherio, Gianella Palet x 2, Sofia Toccalino x 2, Eugenia Trinchinetti x 3, Rocio Sanchez, Maria Adorno x 5, Ines Delpech, Delfina Thome x 4 and Catalina Andrade.

The “Leonas” are going for gold on Wednesday October 12th at 7:15 p.m. in one last game against Chile. Peru, with this, has ended their participation at Odesur 2022, taking the fifth place of the tournament.