Chile, 2022 ODESUR Champions

The women’s teams for Paraguay and Uruguay were hunting for an Odesur 2022 medal today. Uruguay ended with the coveted third spot after defeating Paraguay 7-0.

In the gold medal match, Chile came out on top over Argentina during the shoot-outs, after ending the regular time in a 0-0 tie. This result meant the “Diablas” took home first place while Argentina ended with the silver medal.


3rd-4th place: URUGUAY 7 - PARAGUAY 0 (women)

Despite being ineffective in their set pieces, Uruguay was able to open up the score at the end of the second quarter, after capitalizing on a rebound off the rival’s goalie.

In the third quarter the Uruguayan team finally found their attack, scoring an extra four goals. If there were any shortcomings in their game, it was their imprecision during the short corners. The final score was 7-0.

The host nation had a short corner in the first part of the match but were not able to convert.

The goals from the “Cimarronas” were scored by: Constanza Barrandeguy x 2, Kaisuami Dall´Orso, Teresa Viana x 2 and Paula Carvalho x 2

With this result, Uruguay took home the bronze medal while Paraguay ended the tournament in fourth place.


Final: ARGENTINA 0 (2) - CHILE 0 (3) (women)

During the hunt for the gold medal, Argentina and Chile were unable to draw first blood in the first part of the game. The “Leonas” only had two short corners while the Chilean team had none.

In the second part of the game, the Argentine team increased their possession but were never able to find a clear opportunity to score.

Without being able to put themselves on the board, both teams were forced to define the winner with a shoot-out. The “Diablas” were able to come out on top 3-2, taking home the gold medal. The “Leonas” after a great participation will have to settle for a silver medal this time.

Final Standings:
1) Chile   qualifies for the 2023 Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile 
2) Argentina   qualifies for the 2023 Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile
3) Uruguay
4) Paraguay
5) Peru