2010 Women's CAC Games
Bermuda vs. Trinidad & Tobago : 0 - 4

Although it was raining in the morning the weather conditions changed and it turned to be an excellent day to play hockey. Both teams entered the field with a good performance but, Trinidad y Tobago quickly showed supremacy when players #10, Stacey SIU BUTT and #20, Kristin THOMPSON netted at minutes 20 y 34. First goal came from a penalty corner and the second one was a field goal. With this result the teams went to the break.

For the second half and after the advice of their coach the women from Bermuda returned to the field with new air, but Trinidadians maintained their pace and player #3, Blair WYNNE scored twice at minutes 36 and 57. Trinidad and Tobago won 4-0.

Jamaica vs. Mexico : 0 - 2

Both teams had had a good performance on the first day of the tournament, now they had the chance to show their competiveness. México started the game attacking as expected, but Jamaica frustrated their intention to score. Jamaica was very quick in their attacks when in possession of the ball but could not break the solid defense of the Mexican team. At minute 22nd Jamaica was surprised by Michel NAVARRO HERNANDEZ who opened the score for the Aztecs. The game continued with a good performance of the two teams but Mexico was able to score again from a final penalty corner at the end of the game closing the match 2-0.

Barbados vs. Guyana : 1 - 1

This is the second match for both teams; Barbados need to gain points and Guyana intends to go up a position. Barbados opened the score through player ## at minute ## keeping this result till the end of the first half. During the second half it was Guyana who kept the strong pace and achieved the goal by player ## at minute ##, the rest of the game was balanced, with opportunities to score for both teams, but unfortunately neither succeeded and the game finished 1 - 1.

Dominican republic vs. Puerto Rico : 3 - 1

Once more the locals came to the pitch, this time against Dominican Republic. None of them had collected points before so both went for the victory. As in their previous match Puerto Rico’s defense contained the attack of the rivals. At minute 26 Puerto Rico squad was able to score through player #12, Gina PERDOMO PILLOT, and maintained a steady attack for the rest of the first half. Unluckily for the locals Dominicans netted at minute 43 through player #10, Lucia NAVAMUEL MICELI, followed by two more goals by Agustina BIROCHO GIGENA and Lucia NAVAMUEL MICELI at minutes 54 and 63. The continuous reach to rival area could not be capitalized by Puerto Rican team and Dominican Republic closed the game with an advantage of 3-1.