2010 Men's CAC Games
Dominican Republic vs. Jamaica : 4 - 2

Third day of competitions and the weather is still great around. Dominicans set the line of the game during the first half of the match by opening the score at minute 8 by means of player 2, Jeffrey MONCION MALENO. It didn't went long when Jamaica responded with another goal therefore tying the match at minute 20 with a goal by player 16, Julian HONORIO DEL ROSARIO. Both teams were getting more confident as time went by, taking the game to a stronger level with more arrivals and opportunities on each side. Dominican Republic scored another goal before ending the first half just 7 minutes after Jamaica tied the game. For the second half Dominicans scored another 2 goals giving them advantage over their opponent. Jamaica was practically all over Dominicans half the majority of the time but it was not until the very last minute of the game that they scored a goal in a penalty corner but still not enough to tie the game, ending 4 - 2.

Netherlands Antilles vs. Mexico : 1 - 3

Those from the land of Aztecs started well their second day of competition winning over their opponent 3 - 1. It was not very much from the start that Mexicans scored their goal at minute 10 by player #15, Francisco AGUILAR MONTOYA, even after the goalkeeper from Netherlands stopped a penalty stroke. At the last part of the first half and before going to the change rooms, México scored once again gaining considerable advantage. For the second half the team from Antilles tried counterattacking on every chance they had, unfortunately for them the Aztecs scored one more time by means of player #15, though they responded rapidly 5 minutes later with a score by #5, Luuk PEETERS.

Barbados vs. Trinidad & Tobago : 1 - 3

A very similar game as the one held before, this time Trinidad y Tobago was to beat 3-1 Barbados. Those from Trinidad y Tobago defined the game very quickly starting at the 15th minute by player #9, Attiba WHITTINGTON and a little bit later at minute 19 by player #18, Mickell PIERRE. The score remained the same, 2-0 the rest of the first half. For the second half and only 2 minutes after restarting the game, player #10, Wayne LEGERTON scored by means of a penalty corner having his team on the lead 3 goals ahead. Barbados took 9 minutes to respond thanks to player #6, Neil FRANKLIN after scoring a penalty stroke. With this the score ended 3-1.

Puerto Rico vs. Panama : 11 - 0

An exciting match was the last game of competition today in which the local team and host to the Central American and the Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010 won over Panama with an outstanding score of 11-0. Panama had its difficulties coming out from its own half and score due to the better skill and speed of the Puerto Ricans. After the third goal the crowd went crazy each and every time their team scored. Now it is time for the host to confront Barbados.