2010 Women's CAC Games
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Guyana : 5 - 1

A relatively easy game for the girls from Trinidad after being undefeated throughout the tournament. Today they managed the game very well reaching half time with a comfortable advantage of 3-0. During the next half those from Guyana redoubled efforts and scored a goal by means of player #10, Cora TOWLER at the 61st minute, the one and only goal against Trinidad and Tobago so far in the competition! The final score was 5-1.

Dominican Republic vs. Jamaica : 1 - 0

This was a very thrilling game as both teams had 3 points and were looking to untie at the ranking table. During the first half Jamaica was well over the Dominicans but they held also very well. For the second half the Dominicans developed their game a little better even though Jamaica had various opportunities to score thanks to its speedy counterattacks. It wasn't until the 70th minute and just before the game ended that player #9, Agustina BIROCHO GIGENA from Dominican Republic scored a nice goal in a beautiful play. With this the score ended 1-0, giving them the opportunity to continue to the semi-final round.

Barbados vs. Bermuda : 1 - 0

With both teams looking after the third place at the ranking table this was to be an exciting game. Since the beginning Barbados was dedicated to maintain control of the ball and manage open space along the pitch. Meanwhile Bermuda tried counterattacking in an effort to score a goal, even though Barbados was the first to score at the 19th minute by means of player 11 in a penalty stroke during the first half. On the second half Bermuda players made their best effort to score, unfortunately for them the goal never arrived and Barbados came out victorious.

Mexico vs. Puerto Rico : 3 - 0

Mexico arrives undefeated with no goals against them and confident to go head to head against Puerto Rico, just 3 minutes after the game started they scored their first goal by means of player #11, Alexandra HERNANDEZ MARTINEZ, leaving it clear that they wanted to win. The Puerto Ricans with the crowd cheering them up had a great game standing strong for another 28 minutes when Mexico's player #2, Eloísa ESCOBAR GARCIA scored for her team. With this in play the Mexicans were already 2 goals ahead of the host by the end of the first half. At the beginning of the next half, Puerto Rico continued to dangerously arrive on Mexico's side but without getting to score. Play was coming back and forth the rest of the second half when just 6 minutes before the match ended, Mexico's player #11 scored once again. The final score was 3-0 in favor of the visitors, who stayed undefeated on their way to semifinals.