2010 Men's CAC Games
Trinidad & Tobago vs. Panama : 15 - 0

Before the match, a minute of silence was observed in memory of Garvin Francis-Lau, former president of Trinidad & Tobago Hockey Board, who passed away suddenly on the 23rd of July.

Unfortunate game for Panama after losing 15-0, this will be another experience as a starter at an international level. On the other hand, Trinidad and Tobago close very well and reach the semi-finals as first in their group.

Mexico vs. Jamaica : 9 - 0

Third and last match in the qualifying round. Mexico wins 9-0 still in first place of its group and maintaining its undefeated status as well as their women's team. Jamaica has no change in points, therefore struggling to keep the third place depending on the result of the Netherland Antilles game.

Dominican Republic vs. Netherlands Antilles : 0 - 1

It was an exciting match between these two teams, as the winner would have the second and last ticket to semifinals from group B. Dominicans arrived with one win but the Netherlands with only one tie. They surprised by scoring a penalty stroke in the first half by means of player #9. Thereafter, despite having various opportunities to score, they just maintained this advantage. At the end of the game, they had the last ticket to semifinals.

Puerto Rico vs. Barbados : 2 - 4

This was definetily the most exciting game of the day in which, sadly for Puerto Rico, they were left behind 4-2. Since the first goal, both teams demonstrated they were eager to win this game and therefore reach the semifinals. Barbados was the first one to score on the 5th minute by means of player 16, Dario JORDAN, then at the 7 minute by means of player 6, Neil FRANKLIN.

With this they were already ahead by two goals which looked difficult to overcome. Despite this, and with the support from the crowd, Puerto Rico came up with their first goal at the 9th minute by means of player 11, Pedro LASTRA SERRANO getting closer to tie the game. It wasn't until the 43rd minute that player 27, Ottus FELICIANO SANTIAGO, tied the game and the game went crazy!

Barbados, under pressure going after losing a comfortable advantage and being in danger of getting eliminated, scored another goal at the 50th minute by means of player 19, Rohan THOMAS, turning the game around. Although they were winning, they didn't settled down and kept on attacking and scored a goal that would seal it way through semifinals. The score ended 4-2 with the last goal at the 63 minute by player 6, Neil FRANKLIN.