2010 Women's CAC Games
(5-8) Guyana vs. Puerto Rico : 1 - 0

First women playoff game: Puerto Rico plays against Guyana looking after the chance to play for 5th place in this tournament. Unfortunately for the locals, they were caught off guard very early in the game at the 3rd minute with a goal by #6, Janelisse RIVERA SANTIAGO. This goal brought victory to Guyana since there were no more changes in score the rest of the game.

(5-8) Jamaica vs. Bermuda : 1 - 0

In a tough game, Jamaica's strength and speed wasn't enough to score during the first half, but Bermuda, with its strong defense and counterattacks, couldn't find the goal either. Finally at the 62nd minute, Jamaican player #11, Sharee RUSSELL scored a penalty corner, thus offering the win to her team.

(semi) Trinidad & Tobago vs. Dominican Republic : 6 - 1

Dominicans arrived as second place from group B to play against Trinidad and Tobago, first of group A, and get a chance to get into the finals and fight for the first place of the tournament. It wasn't long for Trinidad and Tobago to show why they ended first place of their group by scoring at the 11th minute and reaching the end of the first half with a 3-0 lead.

The second half was harder at first when Dominican Republic started with more attitudes and scored at the 48th minute, but it wasn't enough and they suffered 3 more goals from their opponents, the game ending on a score of 6-1 for T&T.

(semi) Mexico vs. Barbados : 2 - 0

Once again the Mexicans win their game, this time with a score of 2-0 and goals from Michel NAVARRO HERNANDEZ Y Eloísa ESCOBAR GARCÍA, at the 2nd and 14th minute respectively. Barbados never stopped attacking but they couldn't score though they had many good opportunities. With this result Mexico is now in the final, looking forward to crown themselves in this tournament, on the other hand Barbados will be fighting for 3rd place.