2010 Men's CAC Games
(5-8) Puerto Rico vs. Jamaica : 3 - 1

On the last day of semi-finals, Puerto Rico the host team goes against Jamaica, trying to go one step further through the Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010. With the hope of the home crowd that came to watch them play for 5th place, the Puerto Ricans entered the game with all the courage of winning the game. At the 5th minute player #2, Joseph AGOSTO VELAZQUEZ, scored the first goal, putting some pressure on the Jamaicans but the scored remained the same the rest of the first half.

It wasn't until the 46TH minute during the second half that player #8, Manuel COLON FERNANDEZ, scored the second goal. Jamaica responded 10 minutes later with their first goal by means of player Andre GARDENER, #6. On the other hand Puerto had to overcome this and they did it at the 61st minute by scoring the third goal by means of player #27, Ottus FELICIANO SANTIAGO, which would settle the match and assure their opportunity to play for the 5th position in the tournament.

(5-8) Dominican Republic vs. Panama : 8 - 1

A memorable match for Panama, after scoring their first international goal. Even though the score ended 8-1 in favour of Dominican Republic, who will now fight for fifth place, the Panamanians still continue heads up on their way for the seventh place in the next match against Jamaica.

(semi) Trinidad & Tobago vs. Netherlands Antilles : 5 - 0

The players from the Antilles had a difficult match playing against the first place in group A, which have been playing very good all around and arrived still undefeated to the semi-finals. Despite that, the Netherland Antilles played well today, even though they didn't score any goals against five from Trinidad and Tobago. Now they will have to play for third place either against Barbados. On the other hand Trinidad and Tobago are in the finals ready to play for first place in the tournament.

(semi) Mexico vs. Barbados : 3 - 1

Mexico has come a long way looking forward to this tournament in which they had a good prtogression, arriving undefeated to the semi-finals and in first place of their group. On the other hand Barbados ended second place in their own group but they have been playing just as well throughout the tournament.

The Mexicans, as in the majority of their games, scored first at the 14th minute by means of player #12, Bruno PERAZA GARCIA. Later on Barbados started with dangerous attacks but despite this, México scored for the second time at the 29th minute by means of player #5, Roberto GARCIA LOPEZ.

In second period, Barbados was not letting Mexico out of their own half and continuously attacked. This led to a beautiful in-air-hit goal by player #15, Kris HOLDER at the 60th minute and getting closer in the score. The attacks went on and on, but Mexico's player #10, Pol MORENO QUIROZ, scored a third and final goal just before ending the match. Final score: 3-1. Now Mexico plays against Trinidad and Tobago for first place at the Central American & Caribbean Mayagüez 2010 finals.