Paraguay national team with President Federico Franco

The historical fact that Paraguay inaugurated its first field hockey will bring, without any doubt, an exponential growth for players who practice this sport since the athlete falls in love with synthetic when practicing the sport, while tempts him to work harmoniously their individual techniques and forced to work faster mentally and physically when making decisions during the game.

This field is situated in a sports center where several sports are practiced, both initially and in time of youth, both ladies and gentlemen. As we must attract followers to achieve hockey the AHP has to work organizing events being imaginative, creative and fun. Those will be one of the tasks for the Association as to meet the objective of attracting followers.

The field itself says nothing, only the organization that arms the Association will be able to give life to this endeavor beautiful but empty until they get to work all hockey players to give content. This is the great mission of the Paraguayan hockey during 2013.

The municipal land has the Institute of Sport in Paraguay in its property, about thirty yards from the court. This will attract more players to their training and their modernization both annual courses in specific talks of hockey.

Facilities that are on the side of the field shows the installation of bathrooms and changing rooms in the first instance to cover perfectly the needs of the local tournament but they must be restructured for the organization of an international tournament.

Coincidence or not, the day elected for the opening act of the field met the past 22 years of Paraguay wining a silver medal by the women's national team at South American Championship.

The work done by the Sport Minsitery of Paraguay has been delivered to the Paraguayan Association of Hockey for its use.

The inauguration was animated with the Orchestra "Sonidos de Cateura", playing folk music and the national anthem.

It was very emotional to see that all players of all ages waiting for the President of the Republic of Paraguay with a bridge of sticks that allowed him to reach the stage that was established for this purpose.

During the ceremony were present government officials and different institutions representing the Paraguayan sport very early in the morning. They were : President of the Republic of Paraguay Dr. Federico Franco Gómez, Minister of Sports, Mr. Marcelo Bedoya Murto, President of the Olympic Committee, Mr. Camilo Pérez López, President of the Association of Presidents of Paraguay's sports and Chairman of the Paraguayan Football Association: Juan Angel Napuot. And presidents of the various sports federations of Paraguay and of affiliated clubs.

The Pan American Federation delivered a gratitude plaque, congratulating the Board of the Paraguayan Association of Hockey for their hard work in building the field. The plaque is made of bronze objects such as stick, ball, goal, whistle, referees card, giving a clear distinctive to our hockey. At the time of giving the plaquette on behalf of the Pan American Hockey, I emphasized the importance of all players in the sport to come together to build the content of this field, I harmoniously emphasizing the love of hockey as the nexus or union of all to achieve exponential growth in a short time. I highlighted Pan American's commitment to provide content to this field, assigning any international tournament in Paraguay, which was hard exclaimed by the audience. Also highlight Panam will do it best to collaborates with some coaches courses, as to insert hockey going strong in the draft PATRIA DEPORTIVA 2020, raised by the Paraguayan Government.

After the culmination of each and every one of the speeches that gave the authorities present, highlighting notably the presence and work of support provided by the Pan American Hockey Federation to Hockey in Paraguay during this ceremony. The President of the Republic and the President of the Paraguayan Hockey Association made official the opening of the hockey pitch, performing the traditional cutting of the ribbon. And that gave hockey family income to the hockey pitch.

While everyone present entered the field, it belonged to the President of the Republic to play the first hit to the ball on the synthetic field. After I explain how the stick should be handle, with the stick resting on the floor, the President of the Republic reached down to place his hands on the stick, stood up, with his stick handled perfectly and gave his first shot at the ball, which was photographed by everyone.

A crowd of players and the general public began to take pictures for the first time stepping on the field, which was officially inaugurated.

Then an exhibition game between National team under 18 and under 16 against Racing Club of Argentina, who performed for the entire hockey family, that looked forward to play on the field their first game after this match exhibition. Much joy, lots of pictures, lots of smiles, many illusions that identified and focused on the first synthetic Paraguay Hockey field.

In summary, Paraguay has a new story to start writing, having taken a major step with the inauguration of the first synthetic pitch. We need to work continuously advising hockey in this country to achieve the best use of all the circumstances that lead to the sustainable growth of the sport that joins us. The hockey family is very receptive to the advice we can give and like all developing group needs great motivation to fulfill the objectives set out during this visit. Note that the Paraguayan government is making first level investments and very significant for the sport in general, so the Panamerican Federation authorities should work very close to their government authorities to achieve greater focus on hockey as a main sport.

Dra. Dánae Andrada Barrios
PAHF Director