2010 Women's CAC Games - Awards Ceremony
7-8) Puerto Rico vs. Bermuda : 1 - 0

Women last day of competition, with Puerto Rico benefiting from a strong local support playing against Bermuda in search of the seventh place. They opened the scoring with the first goal at the 29th minute by player #16, Genesis ROMERO MELENDEZ. From that point forward they made everything possible to score again, unfortunately the girls from Bermuda, even though they couldn't score, did hold their opponent all the way to the end of the match. The scored ended 1-0, with a great win for the host.

(5-6) Guyana vs. Jamaica : 0 - 1

It seems like the first one to score wins the game just like the last match. This time Jamaica scored at the 7th minute by means of player #11, Sharee RUSSELL, going up by one goal on the scoreboard and keeping it that way all the rest of the game. Despite arriving constantly both ways, neither team actually scored any more, thus ending 1-0. Jamaica wins the fifth place in the tournament.

(3-4) Dominican Reoublic vs. Barbados : 1 - 3

Barbados takes the third place in the tournament after defeating 3-1 its opponent Dominican Republic. It was interesting match; in the beginning Barbados had a hard time trying to score but at the 27th minute, player #8, Nicole BRATHWAITE scored a goal for her team and going up at the scoreboard. It wasn't until the second half that Dominican Republic at the 42nd minute scored by means of player #15, Albania MARTE MAMBREAUX, therefore tying the game and giving her team some relief.

Unfortunately Barbados responded very quickly 6 minutes after with a goal by player #16, Keisha JORDAN and regained advantage. Dominican Republic had various opportunities to score, even from a penalty stroke, but could not capiltalize. At the 54th minute, Barbados settled the game by scoring the third goal by means of player #10, Nakira DOWNES, the score ending 3-1.

(final) Trinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico : 4 - 0

Eventhough both teams arrived undefeated and México with no goals against, today's match was won by Trinidad and Tobago 4-0 to México who didn't look as in earlier games throughout the tournament. This situation was very well adopted by Trinidad and Tobago by settling the game right from the first half. At the second half they continued to attack mexican's defense, on the other hand mexicans had very few opportunities to try and score due to the speed and control from their opponent. This way Trinidad and Tobago won a very well diserved first place in this the Central American and Caribbean Mayagüez 2010.