2010 Men's CAC Games
(7-8) Jamaica vs. Panama : 13 - 0

Jamaica takes the seventh place of the competition and Panama stays in eighth. The Panamanians played well the first half as they only conceded 4 goals but they lost control of the situation in second half, and their defense left many opportunities for the opponent to attack, leading to another 9 goals for a final score of 13-0.

(5-6) Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic : 4 - 4 (penalty-strokes: 1-3)

An excellent match where host Puerto Rico started with a lot of attitude, being the first ones to score by means of player #2, Joseph AGOSTO VELAZQUEZ. Later on they scored again by means of player #8, Manuel COLON FERNANDEZ at the 19th minute. Then Dominican Republic started scoring by means of player #2, Jeffrey MONCION MALENO at the 24th minute to bring back the score to 2-1. Puerto Rico responded immediately by scoring a penalty stroke and 5 minutes later Dominican Republic did the same in a play by #15, Leonardo SEPULVEDA MIESES, ending the score 3-2 for the first half.

The rest of the game turned out to be very exciting when at the 42nd minute, Jeffrey MONCION MALENO, tied the game 3-3, and even more exciting when 8 minutes later Rafael GUZMAN turned over the match. Pedro LASTRA SERRANO was the gory man when he tied the game by scoring just a minute before ending the game.

With the score ending 4-4 the match was to be settled in extra times, when Puerto Rico had clear chances to score various penalties corners but could not conclude. With the the game still tied at the end of extra time, the two teams had to go to penalty strokes. Puerto Rico was first but after scoring the first two they missed the remaining three and Dominicans scored four, thus earning the fifth place.

(3-4) Netherlands Antilles vs. Barbados : 0 - 3

Netherlands Antilles had the chance to win third place and find their way to the Panamerican Games 2011, unfortunately they were down by 3 goals to Barbados. Neil FRANKLIN scored the first goal at the 27th minute in the first half. By the second half and at the 40th minute, player #19 Rohan THOMAS scored the second goal and 10 minutes later the third and last goal by #12, Aaron FORDE. Netherlands Antilles couldn't do much against Barbados’ attacking skills. The score ended 0-3 for Barbados, thus winning the third place in the Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010.

(final) Trinidad & Tobago vs. Mexico : 2 - 3

Another great final match, this time México played strong and firmly against Trinidad and Tobago, right since the beginning as in earlier matches. They scored at the 5th minute, by means of player #10, Pol MORENO QUIROZ then Trinidad and Tobago responded just 3 minutes later with a goal from player #10, Wayne LEGERTON. It really was a tough game for both teams as they were playing back and forth. Again México's player #10, Pol MORENO QUIROZ scored another goal and in the same way Trinidad and Tobago scored in response by means of player #10, Wayne LEGERTON.

By the time the first half ended the game was tied 2-2, with another half to be played there was much action yet to be seen. Both teams were playing hard and neither of them was willing to let go victory. But it was México who scored their third goal by Francisco AGUILAR MONTOYA on a penalty corner at the 56th minute, taking a small advantage. Trinidad and Tobago tried hard to get a goal but the time ran out of them and Mexico won the first place of the tournament, the Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez 2010.