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2010 Indoor Pan American Championship

Barquisimeto, Venezuela – August 9-15


Day 1 – Women – Pool A – Canada vs. Peru : 4-0

The first match of the Women’s Indoor Pan American Championship was between Canada and Peru. After dominating possession early, Canada scored first around the 10th minute. Peru countered with a penalty corner a minute later that was blocked by Canada’s keeper. However, Canada continued to maintain possession throughout the rest of the first half. At the end of the first half, the score remained 1-0 in favour of Canada. In the opening minute of the second half, Canada received a penalty corner. In the 28th minute, Canada scored their second goal of the match. And a minute later, scored again to go ahead 3-0. Canada scored again to make it 4-0 with six minutes remaining. Peru’s defensive held strong to prevent Canada from scoring further. And Canada comes away with their first win in the tournament.

Day 1 – Women – Pool B – Argentina vs. Chile : 10-0

Argentina dominated their first match of the tournament; scoring four goals in the first half and six goals in the second half to win 10-0 over Chile.

Day 1 – Women – Pool A – Trinidad and Tobago vs. Uruguay: 1-6

Trinidad and Tobago scored first to go ahead of Uruguay in the opening minutes. However, Uruguay then took control of the match. Uruguay tied the match in the 9th minute. Uruguay then scored a goal to make the score 2-1. A minute later, Uruguay was then awarded a penalty corner from which they scored to take the lead over Trinidad and Tobago; making the score 3-1 at half-time.

At the beginning of the second half, Trinidad and Tobago were on the attack, but could not manage to score a goal. Uruguay continued to control the match and scored again to make the score 4-1. Trinidad and Tobago had a critical opportunity to score again off a penalty corner in the 27th minute, but could not convert. Once again, Uruguay rapidly regained possession and scored one minute later. Trinidad and Tobago received another penalty corner, but it was blocked by Uruguay’s defense. Uruguay received another penalty corner that resulted in their sixth goal of the match. In the final minutes, Trinidad and Tobago had another chance to score off a penalty corner, but could not convert. Thus, the match ended 1-6 in favour of Uruguay. 

Day 1 – Women – Pool B – United States vs. Venezuela: 5-0

The match between the United States and Venezuela began with the United States in control of the match. However, the Venezuelan defense held strong until the United States was able to score first. With three minutes remaining in the first half, Venezuela’s keeper blocked a United States’ penalty corner. With either team unable to score again, the score remained 1-0 in favour of the United States at the half. Three minutes into the second half, the United States scored three rapid goals off penalty corners to make the score 4-0. Two minutes later, the United States scored again to make it 5-0.