2010 Indoor Pan American Championship

Barquisimeto, Venezuela – August 9-15


Day 2 – Women – Pool A – Peru vs. Uruguay: 1-10

Peru and Uruguay played in the first match of day two of the Women’s Indoor Pan American Championship. In the first minute, Uruguay received a penalty corner, but could not score from it. Six minutes into the match Uruguay did manage a score off a pushed in field goal. Nearly two minutes, later Uruguay scored again to make the score 2-0 over Peru. Uruguay’s offense continued to be too strong for Peru; as three quick goals were scored midway through the first half to make it 5-0. Another goal a bit later made the score 6-0. The second half began anew, with Peru receiving their first penalty corners of the match. After Uruguay’s goalie blocked a shot, Peru scored off the rebound to make it 6-1. However, Uruguay quickly countered with another goal; and soon after, another to make the score 8-1. Uruguay continued its dominance with another field goal and a penalty stroke to increase the score to 10-1. While unable to score another goal, Peru stayed strong on defense and the final score remained 10-1 in favour of Uruguay.

Day 2 – Women – Pool B – Chile vs. Venezuela: 2-2

Both Chile and host Venezuela were still looking for their first tournament win. Chile scored first, but very soon after Venezuela also scored. For much of the first half, Chile and Venezuela played even. However, Chile scored another goal and made the score 2-1. Venezuela received their second penalty stroke at the end of the first half, but could not convert it. The second half began with Chile on the attack and Chile was awarded a few penalty corners. Venezuela defended the penalty corners well and kept the score at 2-1. Midway through the second half, Venezuela scored again to tie the match 2-2. Venezuela had more opportunities to score, but could not so; thus, the match ended 2-2.

Day 2 – Women – Pool B – United States vs. Argentina: 0-2

The United States and Argentina played in the final match on day three of the Women’s Indoor Pan American Championship. The first half was a battle between both teams. Towards the end of the first half, Argentina scored first off a lifted shot. The battle for possession continued and the halftime score was 1-0 in favour of Argentina.  The second half was just as even as the first half with neither team able to generate much of an attack. However, Argentina scored again to make the score 2-0. With no time remaining, Argentina was awarded two penalty corners. The ball off the second corner hit the goal and thus, the final score was 2-0 in favour of Argentina.