2010 Indoor Pan American Championship

Barquisimeto, Venezuela – August 9-15


Day 3 – Men – Pool A – Peru vs. Canada: 8-2

After their first tournament victories, Peru and Canada were both looking for their second tournament victory. Canada asserted its authority early by scoring two quick goals in the opening minutes of the half. Canada scored another goal to give them a 3-0 lead over Peru. However, Peru continued to play strong and Canada had a hard time generating more attack. While Canada managed to score their fourth goal of the match, less than a minute later Peru scored their first goal. Thus, the score was 4-1 at halftime. Canada continued to assert their dominance over the match in the second half and soon scored again. Peru stayed strong and had a good opportunity to close the gap with Canada, but could not convert a penalty corner. Canada scored three more goals and the final score was 8-2 in favour of Canada.

Day 3 – Men – Pool B – Uruguay vs. Mexico: 1-1

Mexico and Uruguay started the match in a fierce battle for possession and it continued like that throughout the half. Mexico scored first, but Uruguay made the score 1-1 soon after. Towards the end of the first half, Mexico received a few penalty corners, but could not manage to score. Uruguay also received a penalty corner towards the end of the half, but it was blocked by  a Mexican defender. The second half of the match started with just as much intensity between the two teams as the first. As the half progressed, Mexico had greater control over and possession of the ball. Mexico had multiple chances to score off penalty corners, but could not do so. And at one point late in the half, the Uruguayan offense nearly had Mexico’s keeper beat, but could not score. Thus, the match ended in a 1-1 tie.

Day 3 – Men – Pool A – Venezuela vs. Guyana: 6-8

In the last match of day three of the Men’s Indoor Pan American Championship was between Venezuela and Guyana. Both teams were still looking for their first win in the tournament. Guyana started out on the attack over Venezuela. Guyana scored early into the match and received some penalty corners, from which it did not score. Venezuela stayed strong and soon scored a goal to tie the match 1-1. Soon after, host Venezuela scored three quick goals to take a 4-1 lead. Guyana, however, did not let up and scored another goal to make the score 4-2 in favour of host Venezuela at halftime. At the beginning of the second half, Venezuela increased their lead over Guyana with a penalty stroke goal; but Guyana quickly scored another goal to make the score 5-3. Two minutes later, Venezuela scored again and looked like they would maintain their strong attack against Guyana.  However, Guyana went on to score five un-answered goals; four of which were in the last five minutes of the game. Thus, Guyana won their first match of the tournament 8-6 against host Venezuela.