2010 Indoor Pan American Championship

Barquisimeto, Venezuela – August 9-15




Day 7 – Men – 3rd place – Trinidad and Tobago vs. Argentina: 2-4

The 3rd place match in the Men’s Indoor Pan American Championship was between Trinidad and Tobago and Argentina. In the beginning minutes of the match, Trinidad and Tobago was awarded a couple penalty corners, but Argentina’s defense prevented a score. Soon after, Argentina received its first penalty corner; and the blocked shot resulted in a penalty stroke. Argentina’s Juan Pablo AGUDO converted the stroke to give Argentina the 1-0 lead. A minute later, another penalty corner shot by Argentina was obstructed and another penalty stroke was awarded. This time, Argentina’s Andres FAVA converted the stroke to give his team a two goal advantage. Trinidad and Tobago continued to pressure and Andrew VIEIRA‘s field goal made the score 2-1 in the 9th minute. Minutes later, Trinidad and Tobago almost tied the match, but the shot went wide of the goal cage. In the 14th minute, Leandro LEOTTA’s field goal increased Argentina’s lead to 3-1. The 3-1 score in favour of Argentina remained at halftime.

Early in the second half of the match, Trinidad and Tobago received a couple penalty corners. In the 24th minute, Raphael GOVIA scored off the second one to make the score 3-2. Soon after, Trinidad and Tobago had an opportunity to tie the match off a penalty corner, but could not get a shot off. Trinidad and Tobago continued their attacking pressure and had greater possession in the second half. In the latter half of the second half, Trinidad and Tobago was awarded multiple penalty corners, but Argentina’s keeper Alejandro GARBUGLIA prevented Trinidad and Tobago from tying the match. With two minutes remaining, Trinidad and Tobago substituted their keeper for a kicking back. Argentina’s Adrian CELADA quickly made the score 4-2 off a lifted shot from the far left side of the circle. The final score remained 4-2 in favour of Argentina. And with the victory, Argentina finished in third place in the Men’s Indoor Pan American Championship.


Day 7 – Men – Final – Canada vs. United States: 6-3

In the Men’s Indoor Pan American Championship final Canada and the United States played. The first half of the match proceeded at a fast pace. Canada was awarded two penalty corners in the first minute of the match. Canada’s Adam ALI scored off the first corner to give Canada an early 1-0 lead. Canada’s lead did not last, however, as the United States’ Patrick HARRIS scored a minute later to tie the match 1-1. Possession continued to be a battle between the two teams. Canada made the score 2-1 in the 14th minute off a field goal by Sean BARRETTO. Canada’s captain and keeper, G. PREMAKANTHAN saved many United States scoring opportunities. Canada increased its lead to 3-1 when Nicholas HIGNELL scored in the 19th minute. The United States kept their attacking pressure and made the score 3-2 off a Patrick HARRIS field goal in the 19th minute. Both teams continued to play hard defense and the halftime score remained 3-2 in favour of Canada.


The second half of the match continued the fast pace and even battle for possession from the first half. For the first part of the second half, both teams had few attacking opportunities. On a diving shot from the top of Canada’s attacking area, BARETTO scored his second field goal of the match, making the score 4-2 in the 30th minute. Canada maintained its attacking momentum. Two minutes later, Brandon BARBER scored Canada’s fifth goal of the match. Immediately after, Canada’s Luke GOVIA made the score 6-2. The United States persisted and Thomas KRAUSS made the score 6-3 in the 36th minute. In the last minute, the United States’ keeper, Jason WELLINGS, prevented another Canada score. The match ended 6-3 with Canada the Men’s Indoor Pan American Champion. As a result, Canada also secured its spot in the 2011 Indoor World Cup in Poznan, Poland.