Awards Finals

Guatemala’s National Men team and Panama’s National Women team became champions of the II Central American Indoor Hockey Tournament held in Honduras.

The sport day started early this morning at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Tegucigalpa with two matches for the men competition and two matches for the women competition.

Opening Day 3, debutante Honduras National Team in the tournament, met Costa Rica in their last match of the competition.

With concentration and strength, Honduras played a closed defense of their goal preventing “los Ticos” from scoring, ending in a 1-1 draw at halftime. During extra time, Honduras could not keep up their tactic, finishing with a 5-1 loss.

 “We are so proud that we could participate in this Tournament, and we promise we will develop this beautiful sport,” said the local players in their farewell of the competition.

By the end of the morning, the men competition closed with Guatemala against El Salvador, in a match with high rotation of players and substitute goalkeeper. The foreseen match of the finals ended, the unbeaten Guatemalan team 3, El Salvador 0.

In the women competition, closing the pool and leaving the Tournament after their first international exposure, Honduras fell 2-1 to Panama. Later, Guatemala closed the pool unbeaten with a 3-1 win over El Salvador.

Bronze Medal Men Competition: Costa Rica 5- Panama 4 

Displaying a highly superior level of play demonstrated throughout the tournament, Costa Rica and Panama played a great match. Costa Rica finally was able to hold the result and keep the Bronze Medal.

GUATEMALA, Men’s Champion 

The squad conducted by Coach Sergio Veliz celebrated the victory, as they became champions of the II Central American Tournament in Tegucigalpa, played at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional.

Doubling the concentration and physical effort, Guatemala won 7-4 and took the trophy, having played seven matches and achieving a perfect score.

Bronze Medal Women Competition: Costa Rica won by shoot out. 

 After playing an even match, where El Salvador sought their revenge after losing 3-1 in the first day of competition, the match finished with a 1-1 draw by the end of regulation time.

In the shoot out, Costa Rica with a minimum difference in the scoring won the Bronze Medal.

PANAMA, The Champions 

In an even match, Guatemala and Panama played the finals in the women competition at the Polideportivo de la Universidad Francisco Morazán.

By the end of the regulation time, none of the teams could score further after the 1-1 draw. 

At the shoot outs, Panamaá took the lead with a 1-0 win over Guatemala coming away with the Gold Medal