Brazil and Panama’s national teams will open the Pan American Challenges tomorrow. The tournament will take place from October 3rd, through October 11th. Organized by PAHF and the Peruvian Hockey Federation, the tournament will be held at the city of Chiclayo, 765 km north from Lima, Peru.

Brazil, who had validated their berth for the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio, will play against Panama at 9:00 AM local time (14:00 GMT) in the first match of Pool A. Two hours later, Puerto Rico and Guyana will play.

National team of Peru led by Fabrizio Corno, will not swing into action until Saturday against Uruguay, in the first cross-over of Pool B. Both squads share pool with Venezuela and Ecuador. The latest, will meet for the second duel on Sunday.


As for the women’s competition, they will play a round-robin. The first match features Brazil against Panama at 1:00 PM (18:00 GMT). The Peruvian team will take advantage of their position as hosts when they meet Puerto Rico. Barbados will take a rest during the first day.

The Pan American Challenges will be inaugurated today in the afternoon by Mr. David Cornejo, Mayor of Chiclayo together with Mr. Gianni Delucchi, President of the Peruvian Hockey Federation. They will give the official welcome to all the delegations.

The matches will be played on the official pitches of the Peruvian Hockey Federation in this city. These were installed by the end of 2013 specifically for the Juegos Bolivarianos (Bolivarian Games) organized by Peru.