In 2013, Beach Hockey landed in Rosario. After 5 years of consecutive summer tournaments we can say it is here to stay.

Over four hundred players from all over the country have come to enjoy a new hockey experience sorrounded by one of the most spectacular landscapes in Rosario, la Florida beach.

In 2016, alongside other summer and water sports, like kitesurfing, yachting, wakeboarding, kayacking and beach vóley, BEACH HOCKEY was declared summer sport in Rosario by the city Council.

Easier rules, bigger ball, smaller pitch and lots of goals, make BEACH HOCKEY approachable for a wide range of both players and fans.      

This year tournament featured teams from under 12 years old to adult, female, male and also mixed categories. Excitement was at it's peak when Giselle Juarez, attacker from "Leonas" team gave a clinic on beach hockey. 

As well as fans, an important number of sponsors supported the tournament toghether with the Media that reflected the success of Rosario's new summer activity.