Judges and umpires' training course in Managua

The Tournament Director and Umpires Manager, Alicia Takeda and Soledad Iparraguirre gave training courses prior to the tournament.

Since tomorrow Central American Hockey 5 Championship will be taking place in Managua.

For this event, the Pan American Hockey Federation trained judges, umpires and designated officials.

During the whole day, everyone shared this amazing training session in Ticuantempe Development Center, a few kilometers away from Managua.

Soledad Iparraguirre worked with the nine designated umpires, who updated them with Hockey 5 regulations.

Diana Fuentes, Reinier Diaz, Diana Borrayo, Luis Cardona, Nisma Chavarria, Ricardo Escorcia, Johana Lagos, Joselita Picado Trejos and Andrey Umaña Solano, attended.

Dauly Noreiga Balbuena, Julio Solano Badilla, Oscar Jiménez, Edna Lizet Núñez Rubio, Yaremmy Polanco and Luis Martin Romero, participated In the officials training - Protocol and management PAHF Technical System - by Alicia Takeda, Tournament Director