Once again, hockey unites all the region. This time, from hockey 5’s hand, this new format in which five nations dared to play and had as a result Guatemala’s women’s and men’s as Champions.

Guatemala’s women's and men's team were the winners of  the Central American Hockey 5 Championship that was played in Managua from July the 14th to the 16th. In their last game they tied 2 to 2 against Panama and celebrated by goals difference. Guatemala’s men team won 4-1 against Panama.

All teams, some with more preparation, others with less, showed their best version at this event.

Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica, more experienced in this format, showed the hours of training prior to the tournament in each match.

Others, with less years of work, like Honduras or Nicaragua, improved their game with each match.

That was the end of a great tournament which had the support of the The Pan American Federation before and during the event. Nicaragua is preparing to host the Central American Games in December.

Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Nicaragua promised to meet again by the end of the year, when hockey brings them back together.