Pan American Champions: Argentina

Argentina won their fifth Pan American Cup this afternoon as they beat Chile 4-1 in the final game of the tournament that took place in Lancaster, United States. Las Leonas started pushing the game in the third period of the match and in five minutes they scored the goals that allowed them to beat chile and stay with the 2017 championship.

In first quarter of the game, Claudia Schuler, Chile’s Goalkeeper, did an amazing job, and was able to save four clear chances for Argentina to open the score. She stopped three drag flicks from Julia Gomes ands a shot by Magdalena Fernandez. Starting the second quarter Schuler also saved a powerful shot by Martina Cavallero and in the 29th minute she saved a hard blast from Maria Granatto, with the tip of her glove .

In the 19th minute a shot by Carolina Garcia was the first test of Argentina keeper Belen Succi. The crowd chants of "Chi-Chi-Chi ... le-le-le" and "Ar-gen-tina, Ar-gen-tina" were heard firmly in the Lancaster stadium that was packed.

Julia Gomes and Julieta Jankunas scored Argentina’s first two goals, while Maria Jose Granatto scored a third in the 45th minute after she buried a rebound that came off Schuler. Noel Barrionuevo had her chance and scored after a penalty stroke in the 46th minute. These goals atfirmed the score of the Argentine side. Chile, had their own opportunity to score when Sofia Walbaum, after a penalty corner rebound got a consolation goal.

This victory gives Argentina another title to which it is added also the one obtained yesterday by Los Leones.

Argentina won the Pan American Cup, Chile was second with a historical result. The United States were third, Canada fourth, Uruguay fifth, Mexico sixth and Brazil seventh.

2017 Pan American Cup Women's Awards:

Best Player: Denise Krimerman (#5 CHI) 

Best Goalkeeper: Claudia Schüler (#1 CHI)

Best U21 Player: María Paula Ortiz (#26 ARG)

Top Goalscorer: Kathleen Sharkey (#24 USA) and Noel Barrionuevo (#27 ARG), both with 5 goals

Final Positions:
1.      Argentina
2.      Chile
3.      USA
4.      Canada
5.      Uruguay
6.      Mexico
7.      Brazil