Qualifiers for the Central American and Caribbean Games - Guyana vs Guatemala

GUY 4 vs GUA 0

Guyana and Guatemala were tied on 3 points going into Day 3 of the CAC Qualifiers in Kingston, Jamaica having only played one game thus far. A deliberate clearance over the backline by goalkeeper Jorge Lopez resulted in a penalty corner for Guyana. The backboard echoed as Jamarj Assanah quickly converted penalty corner to goal in the 8th minute to give Guyana the lead.

A reverse stick shot by Guatemala’s Didier Monterroso went just above the crossbar. Xavier Steven did well to break down their counterattack moments later and stop them from equalizing.

Jorge Ramirez held the defence together until the 47th minute when Aryody Brandford found his way to goal. Guyana celebrated again in the 54th and 58th minute when Robert France and Orlando Semple made it 4-0 for Guyana. Guyana is now tied on 6 point with Jamaica.



PUR 5 vs PAN 2

The final game of the day featured Puerto Rico and Panama who have been struggling to find the goal since the start of the competition. A penalty corner gave Kenneth Rodriquez the first shot at goal which bounced off goalkeeper Aldahir Ornano. Ottus Feliciano went for the rebound and was successful in giving Puerto Rico the lead just before the end of first period.

Both teams returned to the second period with a fighting spirit. Manuel Colon scored the second goal of the match and Yomar Martinez of Panama followed shortly after.

Kenneth Rodriquez, Yaphet Melendez and Henzor Motta brought the score to 5-1. In the 57th minute, Eduardo Gordon scored to make it two goals for Panama.