Central American Games (Hockey5s) - Managua

The XI Central American Games, Managua 2017, began at Conchita Palacios facilities. The opening game of the day was Nicaragua vs Panama (Women) with a victory 2-1 for Nicaragua. In the following match El Salvador played against Guatemala, With hard work and good strategy Guatemala won 3-1.

The Nicaraguans once again measured their strength in the Men's Hockey match against Guatemalan national team with a huge win 6 to 1.

 During the afternoon Panama and El Salvador (Men) played an energetic match in which with great effort the Panamanian team took over the game with a final result 4 to 1.

The next game was Costa Rica vs Honduras. Costa Rican team achieved a total of 5 to 0, showing their organization and technical progress.

The girls from Nicaragua delighted us with their hockey techniques and for 30 minutes, the score was 0 to 0 against Costa Rica. Costa Rica kept playing and looking for opportunities. With great effort they scored and the match ended 1-0 for Costa Rica.

The Panamanian women's team won 3 to 1 against El Salvador. Panama scored in the first minute of the game . With a quick reaction El salvador tied the score 1 1, Panama then achieved its second goal to break the score, ending with a third goal.

The game between men's national teams of Guatemala and El Salvador was a very tough game, with no goals during the first and second half . Guatemala scored two goals the third quarter of the game. Final Result 2-1 Guatemala.

The men's teams of Honduras and Panama faced each in the last game of day 1. Panama scored in the first minute of the game. But this was not it. In 10 minutes they scored 2 more goals. In the third and fourth quarter they continued playing and looking for more opportunities. Panama scored 3 more goals. Final Result: 6-0