Renata Carneiro

PAHF is pleased to announce that Renata Carneiro will be joining the PAHF as the new Managing Director starting January 15, 2018.

Renata comes to PAHF with a long history in sport administration, management and programming as she worked with Olympic Solidarity of the International Olympic Committee for Brazil.

She is committed to results and people oriented, creative and attentive to details. She is analytical, with the ability for short and long term planning to ensure sustainable systems.

Renata is fluent in English and Spanish, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration for University of Arkansas, USA and an Executive Master in Sports Organization Management, for University of Lerida, Spain.

"I feel welcome and honored to be part of the Pan American Hockey family. Together, I trust we can aspire great accomplishments towards the growth of hockey in our continent", said Renata.

Please join us in welcoming Renata to the Hockey family.