2017 Indoor Pan American Cup - Canada vs USA

Canadian coach Kathryn Williams has been selected to attend a High Performance Indoor Coaching Course organized by the FIH Hockey Academy during the Indoor World Cup in Berlin, Germany.

The FIH Athletes Committee offered to sponsor one female international athlete to attend this course and asked National Associations to submit the names and qualifications of potential candidates. Field Hockey Canada submitted the name of Kathryn Williams, current goal-keeper of the Canadian Indoor Team, who is involved in coaching in her home town of Toronto.

Of all the candidates from around the world, Kathryn was selected based on her strong indoor record as a player, the fact that she is currently on the University of Toronto coaching staff and is also involved in coaching at the local level.

The course lasts four days, includes attendance to matches of the Indoor World Cup and is fully paid for by the FIH Athletes Committee. It will give Kathryn an excellent opportunity to learn about the FIH Academy programs and from its coaches, and meet other national indoor coaches. Field Hockey Canada is asking Kathryn to bring back her experience and present it to other coaches when she returns, possibly through a webinar. It is also anticipated that she will become a lead Provincial Coach for Eastern Canada.

“I am so grateful and excited for the opportunity to share my passion for the sport with international coaches from around the world. I have been playing indoor hockey for over 10 years now and have been coached by some incredible individuals, both in Canada and internationally. After attending the FIH Coaching Academy in Berlin, I hope to inspire the next generation of athletes and coaches in Canada. Thank you to the FIH and Field Hockey Canada for their continued support in my transition from athlete to coach!”, said Kathryn Williams upon hearing the news of her selection.

Kathryn Williams has been on the Canadian Indoor Team since 2010, participating in three Indoor Pan American Cups and in the 2015 Indoor World Cup. At the recent Indoor Pan American Cup in Guyana, she was named Goal-Keeper of the Tournament and subsequently selected to the 2017 Pan American Indoor Elite Team. Kathryn had a successful playing career with the University of Toronto, and also played a season in Australia.

PAHF thanks the FIH Athletes Committee for their initiative, and wishes Kathryn a successful experience in Berlin.