PAHF Umpiring Workshop - Kingston, Jamaica

The Pan American Hockey Federation Umpiring Committee (PAHF UC) based on its ongoing mandate to develop the umpiring potential within the Continent by developing its human resources  facilitated an Umpiring workshop within Kingston, Jamaica during the period February 14-19, 2018 with its facilitator being Roger St Rose.  Strategically the emphasis was on four main areas:

1.       Start the process of developing a cadre of Umpire Coaches within the country and equipping them with the up to date knowledge in training and mentoring new and up and coming Umpires in what is required for the Umpires for the Hockey Revolution as espoused by the FIH;

2.      Assisting the Jamaican Hockey Federation (JHF) with developing  the PAHF Accreditation National Umpires Badge program; 

3.      Facilitating a two-day practical workshop with the Jamaican National U-18 boys and Girls, the support staff and Umpires on the concept of the Hockey 5s rules and game;

4.      Finally having a two-day critical thinking umpiring workshop with all national and FIH Umpires with a practical game included to demonstrate the practical application of what was discussed at the workshop.

At the conclusion of the 5 days of intensive discussions and practical application of what was being discussed, both umpires coaches and the new promising club umpires and existing umpires indicate that the issues discussed were well received and very impactful.  Everyone left the workshop motivated to embrace either a career in umpiring or discovered a new appreciation of the sport of hockey in terms of where the sport is heading and the role of the umpires play as a stakeholder in the game in the whole Hockey Revolution.

Some of the quotes were as follows:

"Roger delivered with passion and commitment and he challenged the participants to always think and to continually see k the information which is now readily available for self improvement"  Audrey Gaynor

" I found the course to be very professional, clear and concise in regards to the key points to what being an umpire is about ... realizing its not limited to just knowing the Rules of the game and applying them but to develop critical thinking on the field of play ..." Howard Bingham

" The course was fun and engaging and I learnt a lot from the workshop." Shari -Ann Osbourne

" Roger simplified what seemed like a difficult task" Collin Morrison

" He engaged everyone, provided clarity for all and was very patient in ensuring the information was understood by all....he used various tools when he presented ...assessment of the game was done in groups which I found to be very engaging and good..." Marlon Smith.