Argentina’s men were not to be outdone in their opening match against Guatemala in the 2018 Youth Pan American Championship. They took a 2-goal lead in the 1st minute courtesy of Lisandro Zago and Facundo Sarto. The final results 14-0.

The half time score for Mexico and Paraguay was locked at zero after an intense first half showdown. Paraguay opened the scoring in the 15th minute and a minute later Mexico responded to make it even. Erik Hernandez of Mexico increased the tally in the 18th minute to give Mexico the win over Paraguay.

Canada won 6 goals to 1 over Dominican Republic. Daneudi de Mora scored the lone goal for Dominican Republic in the 15th minute.

The next game featured Brazil vs Jamaica. After a hard fought match, Brazil walked away with the 4-2 win. Paraguay made a 5-0 comeback in their match versus Guatemala after losing to Mexico earlier today.

Mexico and Argentina had an exciting match which ended in a 3-3 draw. Lisandro Zago opened the scoring in the 3rd minute and Erik Hernandez responded in the 9th to tie the scores at 1-1. Zago regained the lead for Argentina in the 13th minute, but a minute later Luis Villegas brought the score to 2-2. The action was repeated in the 17th and 18th minute by Ignacio Ibarra and Alexander Palma to give the final results.

Jamaica made a recovery in their match with Dominican Republic. The first goal of the game came from Dominican Republic, but Jamaica later put up a fight to secure a 5-3 win.

Brazil and Canada both failed to find the back of the goal in the first half despite the efforts made. Two minutes into the second half Canada’s Amraaz Dhillion scored to take the lead. The gap was later widened in the 16th and 20th minute to give Canada a 3-goal win over Brazil.