The semi-finals of the Youth Olympics Qualifier 2018 opened with Argentina and Paraguay. By the 3rd minute of the game, Argentina was three goals ahead. At the sound of the half-time whistle Argentina was leading 6-0. Paraguay fought for a chance to play in tomorrow’s finals, but Argentina’s fast pace and remarkable display of skills kept reaping more goals. The game ended 11-0 to send Argentina into the finals, while Paraguay will play for 3rd/4th. Celina Di Santo sits at the top of the goalscoring table with 14 goals.


Uruguay and Mexico later challenged each other for the opportunity to join Argentina in the finals. Mexico held the defence together for the first five minutes, but Victoria Jover found goal and gave her team the lead. Karla Sosa scored in the 9th minute to even the scores going into half time. In the 15th minute Lucia Dieste made it 2-1 for Uruguay and Magdalena Verga scored the third goal to secure the win. Uruguay will face Argentina in the finals tomorrow while Paraguay will play Mexico for a chance to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.